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For The Win: Divisional Round

NFL Picks Against the Las Vegas Lines

Here I am again this year, back for more NFL picks. Just like last season I will still be picking all of the NFL games each week, but I will try and help some of you with some confidence and rankings of the selections - which also may assist those of you with Las Vegas trips. I tend to rate games that I like (and some extras like Over/Unders) with 1-3 "Stars", which basically highlight my best bets for the week. Those games which have zero stars I don't truly like one way or the other, but will select to help those trying to get some advice for their weekly office pools or other contests that they may be participating in either this week or this season. 

Ugly.  Horrible.  Disappointing.  Terrible.  Horrendous.  Does that cover it?

Last week I was 1-3 and 0-3 in my Best Bets (which I knew when I re-read it I should have made the teasers pick, but that would have only made the burns second degree instead of third).  Upsets galore for the weekend with Tennessee surprising Kansas City, but I should have known that Andy Reid can implode with the best of them.  Atlanta stomped on the Rams, who could not win the decision of resting players or not resting them.  Los Angeles gave the starters Week 17 off for the most part, and they looked flat last weekend against a veteran Falcons team.  Turning the page to Sunday (gladly) and Jacksonville took care of business – but only by a touchdown.  The best game was the last game, and it was only fitting that a late touchdown turned a Saints cover into a fourth and final loss.

So what is the good news?  Well, this is a new week, and I am sticking with what has worked well in the past.  The best teams play at home in the Divisional Round, and we also have two rematches.  Let’s see how I lean this week with a clean slate.  I can’t wait to wash away last week with a fresh set of picks.  Here we go:

Note that the lines and Over/Unders are taken from



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