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SFB7: Behind the Scenes of an Inaugural Draft

Alessandro Miglio takes us through his thought process during the SFB7 draft, his first ever in the Fish Bowl.

Receiving an invitation to Scott Fish’s annual 720-team extravaganza -- Scott Fish Bowl -- was exciting. For starters, SFB raises money for a good cause. It’s also a great opportunity to compete with hundreds of fantasy experts and fans alike.

This was my first time ever jumping into the fish bowl, so I decided to write down my thoughts as we went through the slow draft. These were written posthumously from the draft, but I still think they accurately reflect my process and sometimes internal screaming.

First, the rules.

The most important things to note about the rules are that there are no points per reception -- rather, players get points per first down with a 1.5-point bonus to tight ends -- and there are four flex spots that include quarterbacks, who get six points per touchdown pass. There are no kickers or defenses -- as God intended -- and all other touchdowns are five points apiece.

These conspicuous divergences from standard formats make for interesting draft decisions and wildly different roster construction across the SFB universe. It would have helped to do a SFB mock draft. C’est la vie.

Onward to the draft.

Round 1 -- Odell Beckham, Jr., WR, New York Giants

Like I said, the scoring and roster rules make for interesting draft decisions. No wide receivers had been taken by the time my pick comes around in slot 10, likely because there are no points per reception. We also had Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski go earlier in the first, freeing up Beckham to fall right into my waiting arms.

It later comes to my attention that Beckham fell into the second round in many other SFB drafts, causing me to kick myself for a brief moment until…


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