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Pushing the Pocket - What is the Fascination with Chris Hogan?

Chris Hogan has some strong admirers. Fahey tries to figure out why.

There's no prizes for guessing who will be the leading receivers in New England this year. Rob Gronkowski is a generational talent at tight end. A receiving optoin with a more impressive skill set than future hall of famer Tony Gonzalez. Julian Edelman isn't a generational talent or one of the best receivers in the league, but he has proven his worth to the Patriots over recent seasons. Edelman is extremely difficult to cover regardless of where he lines up and has an established rapport with Tom Brady.

Gronkowski and Edelman are untouchable at the top. After them, Martellus Bennett is the favorite to be the team's third option. Bennett brings a new dimension to Bill Belichick's offense with his run-blocking ability but he is also a versatile and dangerous receiver.

It's at this point where the debate begins. Danny Amendola should be the favorite. Amendola restructured his contract in the offseason and didn't produce big numbers or stay healthy for 16 games last year. Amendola made a number of very impressive YAC plays and adjustments at the catch point last year though, so expecting his performance to suffer a steep decline as he hits 30 years of age would be foolish. One of the main advantages working in Amendola's favor is his comfort in Josh McDaniels' offense. Amendola has been in New England for three years now, his main competitors for playing time only arrived this year.