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Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 10, 12 team Standard Format

On August 17th, the Footballguys staff got together for their 10th draft of 2017. A 12 team, 20-round standard mock draft with no flex, where touchdown passes are worth 6 points. Our John Mamula provides an unbiased summary of each team's draft.

On August 17th, the Footballguys staff completed a 12-team standard mock draft where touchdown passes are 6 points. No Flex. Below are the league's scoring format and bylaws. Summary and Evaluation provided by John Mamula.

League Parameters

  • 12 teams
  • 20 roster spots
  • Starting Lineup
    • 1 quarterback
    • 2 running backs
    • 3 wide receivers
    • 1 tight end
    • 1 place kicker
    • 1 team defense

League Scoring

  • Offensive Players
    • 6 points - passing touchdown
    • 6 points - rushing/receiving touchdown
    • 0.05 points - passing yard
    • 0.1 points - rushing/receiving yard
    • -1 point - interception thrown
  • Place Kickers
    • 3 points - field goal from 0 to 39 yards
    • 4 points - field goal from 40 to 49 yards
    • 5 points - field goal from 50 to 99 yards
  • Team Defense
    • 6 points - return or special teams touchdown
    • 2 points - turnover forced
    • 5 points - safety
    • 1 point - sack
  • Points allowed
    • 10 points: 0 points allowed
    • 7 points: 1-6 points allowed
    • 3 points: 7-14 points allowed
    • 0 points: 15-99 points allowed

The Draft Order

The draft order was randomly generated. After the first round, the draft continues in a regular serpentine manner. 
Click here for the Full Draft, pick by pick or Grid Format

  1. Ryan Hester
  2. Chad Parsons
  3. Daniel Simpkins
  4. Jeff Haseley
  5. Justin Howe
  6. Dan Hindery
  7. Jeff Tefertiller
  8. Scott Bischoff
  9. Alex Miglio
  10. Keith Roberts
  11. James Brimacombe
  12. Justin Bonnema

Starting with Ryan Hester from the 1.01 spot, we will go over each person's selections in the mock draft.


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