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Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 1: PPR, 12 team with Flex, MFL10 format (Best Ball)

The Footballguys staff got together for their first mock draft of 2016. A 12 team PPR, Best Ball draft with a format equivalent to MFL10s. Justin Howe provides an in-depth summary of each team's draft. 

On July 9th, twelve members of the Footballguys staff got together for the site's first mock draft of 2016. Below is the league scoring format and bylaws. 

League Parameters

  • 12 teams
  • 20 roster spots
  • Starting Lineup
    • 1 quarterback
    • 2 running backs
    • 3 wide receivers
    • 1 tight end
    • 1 flex (either a running back, wide receiver, or tight end)
    • 1 team defense

League Scoring

  • Offensive Players
    • 4 points - passing touchdown
    • 6 points - rushing/receiving touchdown
    • 0.05 points - passing yard
    • 0.1 points - rushing/receiving yard
    • 1 point - reception
  • Team Defense
    • 6 points - touchdown
    • 2 points - turnover recovered
    • 2 points - safety
    • 1 point - sack
    • 10 points - Offensive points against: 0-0
    • 7 points - Offensive points against: 1-6
    • 4 points - Offensive points against: 7-20
    • 1 point - Offensive points against: 21-29
    • -3 points - Offensive points against: 30-99
    • 6 points each - Number of Defensive and Special Teams Touchdowns


The draft order was created randomly. After the first round, the draft continues in a regular serpentine manner. Click here for the Full Draft pick by pick

  1. Steve Holloway
  2. Jeff Tefertiller
  3. Chris Feery
  4. Jeff Haseley
  5. Daniel Simpkins
  6. Alex Miglio
  7. John Norton
  8. Ryan Hester
  9. Matt Harmon
  10. Andrew Katz
  11. Chad Parsons
  12. Cian Fahey

Starting with Steve Holloway from the 1.01 spot, Justin Howe provides an unbiased evaluation of each team's draft performance.

Steve Holloway Slot 1

Pick Ovr Selection
1.01 1 Brown, Antonio PIT WR
2.12 24 Charles, Jamaal KCC RB
3.01 25 Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR
4.12 48 Newton, Cam CAR QB
5.01 49 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
6.12 72 Crabtree, Michael OAK WR
7.01 73 Ertz, Zach PHI TE
8.12 96 Abdullah, Ameer DET RB
9.01 97 Palmer, Carson ARI QB
10.12 120 Ebron, Eric DET TE
11.01 121 Jackson, Vincent TBB WR
12.12 144 Vereen, Shane NYG RB
13.01 145 Williams, Terrance DAL WR
14.12 168 Woods, Robert BUF WR
15.01 169 Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK
16.12 192 Starks, James GBP RB
17.01 193 Perriman, Breshad BAL WR
18.12 216 Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def
19.01 217 Giants, New York NYG Def
20.12 240 Higbee, Tyler RAM TE (R)

Overall Strategy

Balanced overall, with a slight running back lean and heavy quarterback investment

Best Pick

James Starks, 16.12, RB60. It’s absurd that Holloway was able to scoop James Starks as the RB60. Handcuff backs are always hard to project, but Starks is one of the few with a real stake in the offense and no real competition as his team’s No. 2. And he always carries a strong shot at lead back duties – Eddie Lacy is remarkably banged-up and at a career crossroads – in a powerful offense. This is far, far too late for Starks to be available.

Worst Pick

Carson Palmer, 9.01, QB7. Regardless of where you stand on early quarterback investment, one of its benefits of is that you’re not required to invest much down the line in your No. 2. With Cam Newton on board, Round 9 was a bit early to dip back into the QB market, especially with so many similar options available. I don’t see much difference between Palmer and the next 3-5 guys taken.


I’m not a huge fan of early-round quarterbacks, especially in best-ball formats, but I certainly see Newton’s appeal. He did post five top-three QB weeks last year. Elsewhere, Holloway built a fine RB corps, thanks in large part to the value of the nearly-free Starks. I also like the late upside he found in Breshad Perriman (17.01) and Robert Woods (14.12), who would see more work with Sammy Watkins hobbled than many think.


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