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Player Spotlight: Duke Johnson

A detailed look at running back Duke Johnson's fantasy outlook on the 2016 Cleveland Browns

There's a Perfect Storm of Success Brewing for Duke Johnson 

There are several elements involved in this perfect storm that has forecasted success for the Browns second year back, Duke Johnson. Each individual factor is strong on it's own, but when added together, the odds of success compounds into a can't lose onslaught of near certainty. Let's take a look...


As of now, Johnson's best talent is his ability to perform as a pass-catcher. He is in the presence of LaDainian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, Matt Forte, Edgerrin James and Herschel Walker - all running backs who had 60+ receptions as a rookie. Johnson finished last season with 61 receptions, despite having zero in the first two games. His yards per carry was relatively low at 3.6 YPC, but he was never able to get into a rhythm, which kept him from emerging as a rushing threat. His career YPC average in three years of college was a hefty 6.7 yards.