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Dynasty, in Theory: Value is Basic

What is at the base of player value, and how does it impact the way we run our team?

Who is the most valuable quarterback in dynasty right now? For a while, it was Andrew Luck, but his injury seems to have thrown things into question a bit. For the most part, I suspect a plurality of owners would take Aaron Rodgers, with a second large group standing behind Andrew Luck based on his 5-year age advantage, and maybe a third rogue faction backing Russell Wilson, who is roughly as young as Luck but with a clean bill of health.

A clever dynasty owner might argue that it depends on one's scoring system. If passing yards are sufficiently devalued, Wilson's 33 yards per game rushing might look more attractive. If passing touchdowns are worth 6 points each, Rodgers' average of 38 per 16 games played since 2011 will seem awfully appealing. (If the league also penalizes for interceptions, Rodgers might seem doubly so.)

Scoring system matters, of course, especially on the margins. But there's something really basic that matters far more. Something so basic we don't even really think of it, it's just part of the basic fabric of our leagues, basically invisible. And yes, I'm basically just clubbing you over the head with a clue at this point.


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