Thursday vs. Sunday Contests

Thursday vs. Sunday 

Thursday night contests use the same rules and scoring systems as Sunday-Monday contests but allow you to build rosters with players from every game on the weekly slate. Though they add only one game and a few players to your preparation, there are important reasons why Thursday contests require a different approach from Sunday-Monday contests:

Thursday contests test your discipline. Once football season is in full swing, three days without an NFL game can feel like an eternity. By the time Thursday rolls around, it’s natural to be craving a little action—and what better way to scratch the itch than watching your players in the Thursday night game? Here’s where you have to be careful with Thursday tournaments. If you allow the urge to get some skin in the game to cloud your judgment, you may make poor roster decisions and sink your lineups.

Thursday Night Football can be ugly football. Whether it’s because the schedule makers just have a knack for showcasing lousy or mismatched teams, the teams don't have enough time to prepare, or the players don't have long enough to recover from the previous game, Thursday Night Football can be dreadful. There is enough data to suggest that Thursday games are detrimental to fantasy performance, with those involved in the passing game at highest risk.

You're missing information. The contest begins on Thursday night, but breaking developments impact player values between Thursday and game time on Sunday. Should you chance using a player in a Thursday contest if you're unsure what his playing status, or opportunity will look like later in the week?

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can employ to avoid the traps of Thursday contests, capitalize on the mistakes of others, and consistently turn a profit:


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