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Should You Draft Suspended Players? -

A look at whether drafting Mark Ingram, Jameis Winston, or Julian Edelman is a good idea, and how to adjust your draft if you do.

Whether or not to include players with early season suspensions in your draft plans seems to be an annual tradition in fantasy football. This year’s suspended list lacks the star power of a LeVeon Bell, but don’t think that it is any less important to your draft plan than the decision on Bell was two years ago. Mark Ingram and Julian Edelman both are lined up for ample opportunity in featured comfortable roles central to top end offenses. Both could level off as low-end #1’s at their position once they return from four-game suspensions.

Should you take Ingram?

The Saints backfield continues to be one of the most productive in the league, year in, year out. Last year, it supported two fantasy RB1, and there’s no reason think it can’t do it this year. On a points per game basis, Ingram was the PPR RB5 from Week 6 on after Adrian Peterson was traded to Arizona, behind only Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, and his teammate Alvin Kamara. Even a more than healthy regression of 25 percent from his Weeks 6-17 pace in 2017 would still have left him as RB12 over that span. Read Chase Stuart on valuing a player that will miss the start of the season. Ingram will provide more ADP in eight fantasy football regular season games than his ADP peers will provide in 12. He’s an easy call as your RB2 in the late fourth or early fifth.


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