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NFC South Backfield Study - Footballguys

A look at NFC South backfield productivity, volume, and efficiency numbers in 2017 and how to use that data in 2018 drafts.

Last summer’s deep dive into backfield stats focused on Top 10 PPR running back weeks produced by backfields, ranked by team. This made the Saints stand out, tied for third with only Pittsburgh (LeVeon Bell) and Arizona (David Johnson) ahead of them despite not having a Bell/Johnson talent and an RBBC approach. While we may revisit that exercise this year, I decided to take a different angle this year, spurred by the realization that ranking running games by rushing statistics that include quarterbacks doesn’t give a clear picture of the potential of the backfield to produce fantasy points. So I stripped away quarterback statistics from aggregate running game totals and also totaled passing game statistics produced by running backs to give a clearer picture of how effective and efficient backfields were at producing fantasy points in 2017. What did this exercise reveal?

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NFC South

ATL 384 1632 4.25 12 96 0.708 68 650 9.56 4 324.20 392.20 235.20 89.00 157.00 0.61 1.31
CAR 340 1228 3.61 9 135 0.696 94 752 8.00 7 294.00 388.00 176.80 117.20 211.20 0.52 1.25
NO 394 2011 5.10 21 180 0.800 144 1254 8.71 6 488.50 632.50 327.10 161.40 305.40 0.83 1.12
TB 331 1168 3.53 7 95 0.726 69 521 7.55 1 216.90 285.90 158.80 58.10 127.10 0.48 0.84


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