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Auction Primer: Section VII - Footballguys

Nomination Strategies

Nominations are when you throw out a name to be up for bids. This is a key part of the auction process and there are a few strategies involved in how this is done. First, you have to understand the three goals of nominations:

  1. Get other owners to spend their money.
  2. Get players you want, preferably at a bargain price.
  3. Gauge the marketplace.

Once you understand these three goals, you have a pretty good sanity check on what you should be doing when it is your turn to nominate a player. If they do not immediately address one or more of these three goals, find another name that fits at least one of these three goals. Timing is another key element as you really cannot do the third item (gauge the market) except at or near the beginning of the auction. You might be able to gauge where the market is trending later in the auction (to see if you are at the $1-2 guys yet or to see what a WR3 might cost, for example) but gauging the marketplace is predominantly an early auction activity.

There are lots of ideas about strategy for nominations. Here are a few:


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