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10 Rules to Live By in IDP Dynasty Leagues - Footballguys

Dave Larkin shares his 10-step starter guide to the world of IDP dynasty leagues

When you routinely participate in as many dynasty IDP leagues as I do, you can’t help but pick up a few tidbits along the way. Though every league has its own rules and intricacies – with salary cap formats, player contracts, restricted free agency, and so on – ultimately the rules of team building can be applied in the context of the league’s set-up.

As we enter the dog days of summer, many owners are only dipping their reluctant toes in the deep pool that is dynasty IDP fantasy football. Many will shy away from these formats due to the amount of time necessary to succeed, but believe me when I say that this is by far the most enjoyable and enriching experience in the fantasy landscape.

If you’ve never played IDP fantasy football, I would recommend starting with a redraft league just to get your feet wet – but don’t let me discourage you from diving in at the deep end with dynasty.

Now, with that plethora of water metaphors behind me, let me take you through the nuggets I have picked up over my years of playing dynasty IDP fantasy football. My hope is that this piece will inspire those of you who aren’t playing yet to take it up and that it will reignite the passion among owners who are already going steady with a team.

1. Surround yourself with the right people and you can’t go wrong

No, this is not a psychology lesson, but its place atop the list should speak to how important it can ultimately be to pick the right group of people in fantasy football. I’ve been involved in leagues where a handful of owners, like a heavy anchor that won’t shift, drag the league’s entertainment quotient down several notches. This kills the fun and the rest of the owners are left to pick up the slack while the panicky commissioner fumbles around for answers.

Don’t let this be your league.

If you are starting a league from scratch, take your time to visit the places where dynasty fantasy football players are most likely to hang out. The forums here at are a terrific place to start your journey, but look further afield if needed and you will be able to meet experienced owners. Go with your gut and ask these guys or gals about their background to get a gauge of how much time they will realistically be able to pour into this hobby.

Trust me, when your league is still going strong a decade from now you’ll thank me. Well, probably not, but you’ll pat yourself on the back for getting the right mix.

2. Collect linebackers

On to the football stuff now, the real reason we’re here, I presume? On the surface, it seems obvious that linebackers should be the priority in IDP dynasty leagues. They are the lifeblood of the defensive side of the ball, most likely to be involved on a play-by-play basis and rack up tackles and assists – and if you’re lucky a few sacks as well.


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