DraftKings GPP Domination: Week 10

Looking for edges in DraftKings tournaments.


The chart below is a value guide for this week’s DraftKings tournaments. In an effort to help the widest range of players, only tournaments ranging from $1-to-$100 buy-ins are listed. The color scaling favors lesser entry fees, lower entry limits, and flatter payout structures since these tournaments generally represent the best return on investment for average DFS players. But remember it’s important to consider your specific strengths and goals when choosing which tournaments to enter.

Do you excel at GPP roster construction and game theory? Then don’t avoid GPPs like the Millionaire Maker due to high entry limits and a top-heavy payout structure -- you can still profit in these types of tournaments while giving yourself a shot at a life-changing payday. Therefore, cells in red do not indicate tournaments to avoid. The color scaling serves primarily to highlight the differences between tournaments, which will make it easier for you to identify the best ones to enter based on your individual skills and goals.


Before constructing your own GPP lineups, it’s important to consider how most of your opponents will be making theirs. Due to the salary cap, figuring out the most common roster construction each week isn’t necessarily as simple as looking at a list of projected ownership percentages for individual players.

  • Anytime Matthew Stafford is the player with the fewest question marks at the position, we can safely assume quarterback ownership will be even flatter than usual. Those who don’t use Stafford against the Browns will either be punting the position (Ryan Fitzpatrick or Eli Manning are the likely options), making a substantial investment in a 2017 underachiever with a great matchup (Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Ryan), or hoping Dak Prescott isn’t affected by the health of his wide receivers and suspension of his All-Pro running back.
  • The majority of rosters will include at least one running back priced over $8,000 and many will try to jam in two. Even with Ezekiel Elliott (finally) forced to begin serving his suspension, fellow workhorses LeVeon Bell and Todd Gurley will be irresistible with their teams each favored by double-digits. 
  • Heavy spending at running back should cause the top-tier of wide receivers to go relatively overlooked. Expect significant ownership to settle in the $4,500-$5,500 range, with players like DeSean Jackson, Sterling Shepard, Robby Anderson, and Robert Woods the usual suspects.
  • Spending down at tight end is a requisite for the most common roster construction. Evan Engram and Jack Doyle will garner plenty of attention individually, but won’t appear in many lineups featuring two high-end running backs.

There are more paths than usual to a unique roster this week, but you can guarantee spending in a different direction than your opponents by beginning a build with any two of Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, or Julio Jones (health permitting). All have exploitable matchups and share a scoring ceiling with the upper crust running backs. A different route to contrarian construction would be to take the high-priced running back strategy to the extreme. While tons of lineups will feature two running backs priced over $8K, not many will be able to stomach what the rest of their roster looks like after clicking on any three of Bell, Gurley, Leonard Fournette, or LeSean McCoy. Luckily, there are several sources of cheap wide receiver volume that can make this strategy viable, provided you know where to look (hint: look below).


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