DraftKings GPP Domination: Week 2

Looking for edges in DraftKings tournaments.


The chart below is a value guide for this week’s DraftKings tournaments. In an effort to help the widest range of players, only tournaments ranging from $1-to-$100 buy-ins are listed. The color scaling favors lesser entry fees, lower entry limits, and flatter payout structures since these tournaments generally represent the best return on investment for average DFS players. But remember it’s important to consider your specific strengths and goals when choosing which tournaments to enter.

Do you excel at GPP roster construction and game theory? Then don’t avoid GPPs like the Millionaire Maker due to high entry limits and a top-heavy payout structure -- you can still profit in these types of tournaments while giving yourself a shot at a life-changing payday. Therefore, cells in red do not indicate tournaments to avoid. The color scaling serves primarily to highlight the differences between tournaments, which will make it easier for you to identify the best ones to enter based on your individual skills and goals.



Before constructing your own GPP lineups, it’s important to consider how most of your opponents will be making theirs. Due to the salary cap, figuring out the most common roster construction each week isn’t necessarily as simple as looking at a list of projected ownership percentages for individual players.

This week, there are a couple of near-certainties when it comes to how most people will build their rosters:

  1. Packers at Falcons and Patriots at Saints both opened with 50+ point over/unders. We can expect ownership to be concentrated on players in these two games, especially the quarterbacks (and by extension their most logical stacking partners). 
  2. In particular, Coby Fleener’s price doesn’t reflect his role in the Saints offense with Willie Snead suspended. Much like Zach Ertz last week, Fleener could fall out of bed and 4x his salary. In a week where entrants will be looking to spend big at quarterback and wide receiver while targeting the upper-middle tiers at running back, Fleener’s $3,100 price tag will lock him into at least 20% of lineups.
  3. LeVeon Bell costs $1,200 more than the next closest running back (LeSean McCoy). McCoy costs $800 more than the RB3 (Ezekiel Elliott). Elliott will be fairly popular, but it feels safe to say the majority of running back ownership will settle in the $5,500 to $7,000 range, with guys like Ty Montgomery, Melvin Gordon, and Kareem Hunt leading the way.


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