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Beyond the Stats Week 16

Each week I uncover some interesting stats, tidbits and information that you may not know. 

did you know?

  • All your money on Philly. This week a team with over 100 quarterback rating (PHI, 102.6) will play a team with over 100 quarterback rating against (OAK, 102.6)
  • Pretty close with these other teams - KC vs MIA (103.2 vs 94.1) and NO vs ATL (104.0 vs 95.8) and MIN vs GB (99.7 vs 100.5).
  • Did the 49ers find their franchise QB? - Yards gained per pass completion leaders this year are Deshaun Watson (13.5) and Jared Goff (12.8). In three starts, Jimmy Garoppolo is at 13.0.  
  • More on Jimmy - 43.5% of Jimmy Garoppolo's passes are first downs. Highest of any quarterback with 100 pass attempts this season.
  • All alone - Tennessee is the only team with more rushing touchdowns (17) than passing touchdowns (13)
  • On pace for a personal best - Cam Newton needs 99 rushing yards to beat his season high 741 yards in 2012. 
  • Speaking of Cam - Newton has 15 more carries than Alvin Kamara this year, but Kamara has 9 more rushing yards. 
  • Almost there - Carlos Hyde has the most targets for a running back (81) without a receiving touchdown.
  • Who knew? Christian McCaffrey (212.4) has more PPR fantasy points than Rob Gronkowski (207.6)
  • Essentially a three-way tie in New England - PPR points - James White 134, Dion Lewis 133, Rex Burkhead 130
  • Wait, what?! - Demaryius Thomas is a Top 20 PPR WR. Dez Bryant, Mike Evans, Michael Crabtree, Stefon Diggs are not.
  • Equilibrium - Drew Brees has as many touchdown passes as the Saints have rushing touchdowns (21)


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