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Strategy Roundtable: Is Zero-RB Drafting Too Popular?

Footballguys staff members offer their thoughts on the popularity of Zero-RB strategy

Our Matt Waldman was on an island several years ago with Upside Down Drafting. That theory has been dubbed Zero-RB Draftng by the masses is now all the rage. Is this strategy still viable? What happens if everyone goes Zero-RB?

Matt Waldman: As Paul Charchian says, "Do the Opposite!"

I've been wondering all season whether this strategy has reached the tipping point. When viable feature backs are available after the first 6-7 picks, it's a good indication that the strategy has become conventional. Once something is publicly accepted as conventional, it's no longer a safe strategy when in competition with others. It's why I have often advocated an early-round RB variation to the strategy.

And when you get down to the nuts and bolts of strategic thinking, it's not a great idea to follow one to the letter like it's a baking recipe. Unliked the controlled environment of a kitchen, there are too many variables that you cannot control in a fantasy draft. A strategy should be a guideline and one of the most important tenets of any strategy I've ever laid out to readers is that they need to adjust to what's happening around them.

My suggestion this year--and every year--is to have multiple plans at your disposal based on your draft spot and the choices that your competition makes. If you're drafting early and you suspect that much of your competition is adopting this strategy, then you have to make a choice pretty early because you're setting the tone and lack enough data to wait and react: start your draft with the traditional strategy, use the early-RB variation, or abandon the strategy. This involves understanding which early-round RBs you value, where you think you can get them and make adjustments.


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