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Strategy Roundtable: Considering Keeper League Contracts

Footballguys staff members offer their thoughts on how contracts do or don't change things in keeper leagues

Some keeper leagues require players to be under contract in order to be kept from one season to the next. Once the contract runs out - often around three seasons - that player can no longer be kept and is placed back into the available player pool. How would such a rule change the way your look at age? Does age still matter in these formats, or do you ignore it?

Alex Miglio: For the most part, it shouldn't matter. It gives a bit less value to rookies, who for the most part will not be major fantasy factors in their first or second season. About the only thing to avoid is going to be commonplace in standard leagues—don't draft old fogeys. (No offense to old fogeys at Footballguys, of which I am rapidly becoming one.)