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Strategy Roundtable: Early-round Value Pick

Footballguys staff members offer their thoughts on value in early rounds

It's hard to find value in an early pick, but it's certainly possible. Name a consensus Top 20 player who you think will be even better than most expect. Why does he have so much value?

Matt Waldman: Adrian Peterson. The guy had nearly 1500 yards rushing behind a battered offensive line last year. This year, the offense should be more balanced because the line is healthy, the receivers are healthy, and it means Peterson and Rudolph don't have to stay at the line of scrimmage as much to block. If you've never seen Laquon Treadwell block, you're about to see him open lanes for Peterson that will transform gains of 10-12 yards into breakaway efforts.

I think Peterson will only be more efficient between the tackles, see more opportunities in the red zone, and catch more passes--even with the typical summertime aspirational coaching quotes of getting Jerick McKinnon more involved. Running back isn't a dead fantasy position. It might be changing, but there are still some of that old breed left. Peterson is one of them and I'll take his 30-something number on his birth certificate because, according to Dr. James Andrews, it comes with the joints of a newborn baby.