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Training Camp Cliff Notes: Week 2

Joe Bryant takes our comprehensive Footballguys Training Camp Updates and distills them down to the "Need To Know" level.

One of the best and most comprehensive features we do every year are our Footballguys Training Camp Updates. Every week in August, our Update Team covers every player that matters from every NFL team. It's incredible and frankly, probably worth the price of the Footballguys Insider PRO subscription just by itself. Each edition is almost 40 pages long.

While I encourage you to read every word of every week, I also understand Life Happens. And one of the more valuable services Footballguys can add is saving you time. For this article, I had the idea of taking the comprehensive Training Camp Update and distilling it down into 80 proof shots of the "Need To Know" material. Some teams will have more news than others. Because that's how it works in real life. Much of it will be from the Camp Updates, some of it will be my takes but all of it will hopefully be useful to you. And make sure to jump on our Insider PRO subscription to continue seeing this type of stuff all year long. And if this feature is helpful to you, shoot me an email at and let me know.

Let's get to it.

Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart Footballguys Team Report

Coach Bruce Arians was hospitalized Tuesday night after feeling stomach pains. He was released Wedneday morning and seems ok.

QB Carson Palmer's coasting through camp and played one series in the preseason game against Oakland. He's still really good.

RB David Johnson is the unquestioned starter but Chris Johnson is going to have a role. Against the Raiders, David Johnson marched down the field with 31 yards on three carries before Chris Johnson came in at the goal line. Chris may be better suited to be the goal line back because of his nimbleness but chances are it was just a move to give David a breather after a 23-yard gain. Not to mention Andre Ellington ripped off a 35-yard run that showed off his explosiveness and elusiveness. Ellington followed that up with five-yard touchdown between the tackles.

WR John Brown remains sidelined because of the concussion he suffered at the start of training camp. J.J. Nelson and Jaron Brown would see work if John Brown can't go. Carson Palmer described Jaron Brown as a "security blanket".


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