Injury Expectations | Wednesday Update | Week 6

A review of the week's first full practice participation report


***Adam Schefter reported Tyler Eifert will undergo another back surgery this week and will miss the rest of the season. The Bengals have said only that Eifert's current condition isn't related to last season's back surgery. In the strictest sense, that's likely an accurate statement, i.e. this surgery isn't intended to re-address a degenerative condition at the same vertebral level as the previous surgery. But this surgery is likely to an adjacent level and it's not uncommon for players with degenerative back conditions to require surgical procedures more than one surgical procedure. The early timetable here is 4-6 months, which includes rehab to regain core strength and conditioning. Players have recovered fully from multiple back surgeries but it's unlikely Eifert will have a career arc and length of Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, and others.

***A full practice for Ty Montgomery is a reassuring sign. However, Wednesday's practice didn't involve much contact. Tomorrow's participation is much more important. If the Packers clear Montgomery for more than limited work in their most physical Thursday practice, it's a clear sign he'll be active this week. Don't expect a return to his pre-injury workload, however. Aaron Jones is healthy and coming off a very productive week.

***Travis Kelce did not practice today. Most players who advance through the return-to-play protocol within one week are doing some limited work on Wednesday and increasing exercise through the end of the week. The DNP isn't the only poor prognostic sign for a Week 6 return. Kelce was entered into the protocol due to "memory problems" -- a symptom known to be associated with a longer recovery in some athletes. And Kelce has had multiple past concussions. It's too soon to say for certain but I think Kelce is on the doubtful side of questionable this week.


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