Injury Expectations | Thursday Update | Week 7

A review of the late week practice report


***Jameis Winston says his "thought process is to play" but noted in a pre-practice press conference that his shoulder isn't fully recovered. The Buccaneers did not clear him to throw again on Thursday. However, Dirk Koetter told reporters Winston would take all of the first-team reps in Friday's brief practice. Regardless of how the week has progressed thus far, the timeline remains the same. If Winston can prove he can throw freely by game time, he will play. Tomorrow's practice won't be extensive but I expect Winston to be cleared to throw and then be evaluated after practice and on Saturday. If he responds well, he'll play.

***Weeks ago, DeMarco Murray didn't practice with a hamstring injury only to out-snap and out-produce Derrick Henry. The Titans don't seem nearly as optimistic on Murray's status this week, with Mike Mularkey openly discussing the addition of a practice squad running back. As noted in yesterday's review, the Titans have a Week 9 bye. Murray has been battling this strain since the preseason. Tennessee may finally decide to give him the benefit of two (or more) weeks without practice to recover.


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