Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 3

Andrew Luck at the crossroads, speculation on key injuries to Ryan Kelly and Cordy Glenn, an update on Teddy Bridgewater, and more

For the rest of the preseason, I'll have a Monday article updating the injury status of players around the league with quick-hitting articles during the week on any major injury stories that occur.


Andrew Luck | Right shoulder labrum repair | January 2017 | Week-to-WEek

There were no new quotes from Andrew Luck, Chris Ballard, Chuck Pagano, and Jim Irsay this week. That's not surprising. We're now three weeks from the Colts' regular season opener. Luck remains on the PUP list and has yet to be seen on the sidelines throwing. There's nothing new to add. The Colts are gathering information and getting closer and closer to knowing exactly where Luck will stand for Week 1.


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