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Dynasty Rankings Movement, Week 14

Each week, members of the Footballguys staff update their dynasty rankings and offer reasoning behind the rankings movement.

Each week, Footballguys staff members will share the big movers in their respective Dynasty Rankings.  Since the contributors will rotate, please check in weekly.  The focus of this article will be on the “why” more than the movement itself.  Dynasty Rankings are fluid and we hope that sharing the rationale will help you in your quest to create dynasties with all your teams.  The diversity of rankings will result in a variety of opinions weekly. 



Dak Prescott – It is very clear that Dak Prescott cannot carry the Cowboys on his own. Not yet anyway. When Dallas allows the run game to dominate, Prescott looks much better and can post decent fantasy stats. As Jason Witten and Dez Bryant age, he needs to find the next group of receivers that will move his game forward. At the moment, he can only be relied upon as a dynasty backup, even after Ezekiel Elliot returns. He may be 2 years away from becoming a reliable dynasty starter.

Tyrod Taylor – Despite being the only quarterback on the roster that keeps Buffalo in playoff contention, it is clear that the current regime wants to look in another direction. His contract situation allows Buffalo to let him go and get an experienced starter to replace him or keep him for another year and draft a rookie high in the 2018 draft.  Dynasty owners may have to endure another year of pain before a new team either takes him as a starter or allows him to compete for the role.

Jimmy GaroppoloJimmy Garoppolo passed the first stage of his audition for the 2018 49ers starter with a strong grade. There were no touchdowns, but he completed over 70% of his passes and made a below average receiving crop look better. One or 2 more games like this, especially if he can get a couple more wins and the 49ers will commit more and more to him as their draft pick moves down the board. Dynasty owners would be wise to get him now before he becomes a valuable commodity as the 49ers build a strong offense around him.


Russell Wilson - Wilson was ranked in the top tier of quarterbacks last month but slightly below Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers as QB4. As of today, I don’t think there is any dynasty quarterback I would rather own than Wilson and have bumped him up to QB1. He has been absolutely incredible this season and was especially masterful in out-dueling Wentz on Sunday night.

Jameis Winston - Winston falls all the way to QB15 in my latest rankings update. While it was somewhat understandable to write off his poor decision-making his first couple years as typical of a young quarterback making the leap to the NFL, he seems to have regressed even further instead of showing improvement in his third season. He simply makes too many boneheaded plays to win games and his status as a franchise quarterback is coming into serious question. His off-field decision making is also a major concern, with Winston now facing his second serious sexual misconduct allegations.


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