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Dynasty New You Can Use, Week 10

A look at the recent fantasy news from a dynasty perspective.

We scour the news around the NFL to bring you what matters most to you and your dynasty team: the most current news on players, both superstars and the relative unknowns, and analysis to decipher the respective situations.  These are many of the major stories and not meant to be an exhaustive look at all the recent happenings around the league. 

It was a sad Thursday afternoon in the dynasty community as the news of Deshaun Watson’s knee injury started to make it the national media.  First, Ian Rapoport tweeted, “Sources: #Texans QB fear Deshaun Watson suffered a torn ACL in practice today. A non-contact injury. MRI coming to confirm. Awful, awful.” Then, Adam Schefter tweeted, “Deshaun Watson went down on a normal drill, running a read option, on a grass field, per source. Didn’t yell, trainers took him off field.”  Thankfully, this injury is not the knee that was injured in college.  It is a huge loss for fantasy owners, fans, and the Houston Texans.  Former NFL executive, Joe Banner, later tweeted, “Watson injury is a huge break for Browns. Texans first and second round picks likely just got a lot higher.”  Sadly, he is correct. Not that Cleveland was rooting for the superstar quarterback to suffer injury, but Tom Savage should not be mentioned in the same sentence (or paragraph) as Watson. He is a poor backup quarterback while Watson was playing at an elite level.  The injury likely means the Texans lose most of the rest of the games this season. How good was Watson this year?  Check out this tweet from Albert Breer, “Texans QB Deshaun Watson's year ends with him leading NFL in TD passes (19), 5th in passer rating (103.0), and 2nd in yards/attempt (8.3).”  Also, the injury will take a toll on the fantasy output of the Texans pass catchers. 


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