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How to Attack Your Small League Non-PPR Draft

Strategy on Attacking Your Small Non-PPR League Draft

Small leagues are a lot of fun.  There is something about the eight or ten team leagues that make them enjoyable.  Maybe, it is having a team full of very good players.  The size makes them much different than the standard twelve team leagues.  Just like with the larger or two-quarterback leagues, it is a losing proposition to use standard draft strategies.  An entirely different strategy is required to make the most of the draft.  This article will specifically look at ten team leagues using non-PPR scoring.  We will examine strategies specially designed for the smaller leagues in order to best attack the draft and get the most from the roster.  This will help you form a new strategy for your small-sized league.  

Down to basics, what are the differences I should know about the small leagues?

a.  Since there are no scarcity issues, everything is about the studs.   The whole draft is focused on how to draft enough elite players to win weekly and through the playoffs.  It is only through the studs that an owner can gain an edge over his leaguemates.  The top two or three players at each position outscore the rest by tremendous amounts. 

b.  Knowing how to best attack the quarterback position is one of the biggest keys to small leagues?  Is it necessary to select a passer early in the draft like in the bigger leagues? 

c.  The running back position is one where the drop-off in expected production comes later in 2016 than in years gone by, especially in non-PPR leagues.  How can I take advantage of this phenomena?

d.  With only fifty wide receivers rostered, on average, how do we gain an edge? 

e.  Is there is a valid reason to take a kicker or team defense early? 

How do I best address these questions above?


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