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Dynasty News You Can Use, Preseason Volume 3

A look at the recent fantasy news from a dynasty perspective.

We scour the news around the NFL to bring you what matters most to you and your dynasty team: the most current news on players, both superstars and the relative unknowns, and analysis to decipher the respective situations.  These are many of the major stories and not meant to be an exhaustive look at all the recent happenings around the league. 

Last week, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr signed a five-year, $125 million extension.  Most have been informed that Carr will average more per year ($25 million) annually than anyone in NFL history.  But, as is the case with most NFL contracts, there are details not widely reported that portray the deal in a less-positive light.  For example, Carr only received $40 million guaranteed.  So, the guarantees run out after two years.  That is much less than many of the recent quarterback deals.  Additionally, Carr disclosed that he orchestrated the cash flow in a way that should allow Oakland to re-sign the team’s other stars, notably Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper.  Also, let’s keep in mind that Carr benefits by increasing his salary once the team moves to Nevada due to the lack of state income tax in the state.  No matter how it is spun in the media, the Raiders got a steal in the contract with its star passer. 

New York Post beat reporter, Brian Costello, opined last week that there is doubt that quarterback Josh McCown will start the season opener.  Earlier in the week, Rich Cimini reported that Christian Hackenberg is closing the gap on McCown.  We do not know if this is a result of McCown playing well or Hackenberg improving.  We would guess the former.  Additionally, imagine how poorly Bryce Petty must be playing in practice to fall into third place behind the other two.  In the midst of a rebuilding year and a below-average receiving corps, hopes cannot be high for whichever Jets quarterback wins the job.  It likely means that the other two lost. 


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