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Devy Top 10: Preseason, Volume 1

A weekly Top 10 list of Devy Dynasty players, broken down by draft eligibility and position.  This week, we look at the Top 10 players in devy leagues.

There is a growing movement in the Dynasty community toward “devy” players.  The term “devy” refers to developmental players carried on the dynasty league rosters.  These devy players are usually college players but can even be high school athletes.  During each week of the offseason and season, we will look at a different set of devy rankings. 

We begin the offseason looking at the top devy players, beginning with the Top 10 devy players overall without regard of position or class.  In general, we value the players entering the 2018 NFL Draft higher than future classes just due to the added risk associated with projecting into the future. 

As we survey devy prospects, we will be looking at traits, abilities, and skill sets that will translate to the NFL.  This week, we will look at the Top 10 devy players without regard to draft class.

10. Nick Chubb (Georgia) – Chubb’s comeback has been nothing short of amazing.  Before he tore his PCL in Georgia's sixth game of 2015, the now-Senior was included in the conversation for the top spot on this list.  Many thought he was as good of a prospect as Leonard Fournette.  Chubb was playing at that high of a level.  In the first game of last season, he put everyone on notice in a huge way, rushing for 222 yards and 2 scores on 32 carries, leading Georgia to a victory over North Carolina.  The Bulldogs are a young team and lack proven talent on both sides of the ball.  This has allowed opposing defenses to stack the box and dare the Jacob Eason to throw.  At 5'11”, 228 pounds, Chubb combines the strength to run between the tackles and enough burst to break off huge runs.  Chubb surprised many by returning to Georgia for his Senior season.  While there is a risk of another injury, a return of the pre-injury player could vault Chubb to the top back in the 2018 NFL Draft class. 

9. Cam Akers (Florida State) – Akers is a strong (5’11”, 213 pounds), physical back who can run through tackles. He was a rushing quarterback for parts of his high school career.  Akers has the ability to stick his foot in the ground and get upfield in a hurry. While the True Freshman does not possess elite top-end speed, he is quick, explosive and fast enough. Akers is able to run inside the tackles or on the perimeter with his size and skill-set. We like Akers’ high school film and think he has a chance to be special.  He is ranked this low because much can happen in the three years before Akers is able to enter the NFL Draft. 

8. Calvin Ridley (Alabama) – Ridley enjoyed an impressive Freshman season.  The 6'0”, 180-pounder easily seized the WR1 duties for the Crimson Tide in 2015.  His 2016 season was not as prolific due to the run-oriented offense with Jalen Hurts under center.  We expect Ridley to continue to add bulk to his slight frame.  He is a dangerous receiver down the field and with the ball in his hands.  But, Ridley has impressed most with his ability to win contested passes.  He has an incredible ability to high-point the ball and aggressively attack it.  This is a trait which will translate well in the NFL.  For those who track the age of the incoming rookies, Ridley is one year older than most of the other Junior receivers, and two years older than one or two top pass catchers in his draft class.  He turned 22 years of age this past December 20.  He still is a great prospect, nonetheless.  After catching 89 passes for 1,045 yards and seven touchdowns as a Freshman in the Alabama offense, Ridley had an ok in 2016.  In the victory over Kentucky early in his Sophomore season, Ridley caught 11 passes for 174 yards and two touchdowns.  It was an impressive showing but Ridley caught six or fewer passes in the remainder of the 2016 games.  There is optimism for Ridley having a great 2017 campaign as the Alabama offense will throw more after the running game was shut down in the National Championship game and the Crimson Tide offense was less than potent through the air.    


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