Injury Report Insight: Week 17

A critical look at this week's first practice injury report.

For those of you still playing either season-long or daily fantasy, Week 17 brings a different set of challenges when setting lineups. To our advantage, the injury, "sit or start," sort of questions become a little easier to manage, as a great deal of teams are left with little to play for, and will make the wise, conservative decisions to sit injured players. Injuries that might've come down to a dreaded game-time decision a few weeks ago might instead land a player on injured reserve to close out the season. It's also notable that all Week 17 games are being played on Sunday. This gives us a better perspective of how players across the league are all practicing, as there are no longer any Monday games to potentially leave us hanging on. Obviously, the drawback to all this injury clarity is that we're now faced with a new, equally murky, puzzle to solve. We now must take into consideration team motivations and attempt to figure out which teams are playing for something, versus which teams are not. Because of this, my injury list this week will point out a few non-injury situation to monitor.


Ryan Tannehill, MCL and ACL sprains

Ryan Tannehill's prognosis has taken a bit of a wild ride. At first, there was pessimism that he had torn his ACL and would require surgery. Later news indicated that he might not require surgery after all, as it was an ACL sprain rather than a full tear, which led to some optimism he could potentially return this year, though likely not until the playoffs. Tannehill was later spotted in a cast, which dampened that enthusiasm a bit. But no matter how this plays out, there's no reason thus far to believe he has a shot to play this week. All expectations are that Miami will stick with Matt Moore against New England this week.

Robert Griffin III, concussion

Robert Griffin III did not practice on Wednesday after suffering a concussion in Week 16. There's a chance that Griffin could get cleared in time for Sunday's game, but it's impossible to gauge that at this point in the week. The larger question here might be whom the Browns even want to evaluate at the position, as all four available starters have seen playing time this season and looked less-than-spectacular.


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