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Eyes of the Guru: Week 12

IDP news, notes, analysis and speculation for Week 12.

With the holiday and early start time for games this is a short week of preparation for us all. I guess it is no different than an NFL team playing on four days rest/prep. The only difference here being we are all in the same boat. The short study time makes it tough to thoroughly investigate some of the injuries from last week as well as some of the box score anomalies from week eleven. This week's column will be a little short but I am passing along what I know (or at least think I know) as of Wednesday morning. This week more than any other it will be up to you as the owner to follow up with late week events in order to put forth your best lineup. I will be updating projections as usual on Friday and again on Sunday morning after the inactive lists come out.

Arizona Cardinals

In an interesting move the Cardinals added free agent Sio Moore this week. Moore is not likely to contribute right away and may not be a factor at all. On the other hand we know he is a player capable of making big plays which is something the Cardinals have been lacking from their inside linebacker positions. Moore is a player we have talked about often both in our weekly columns and on the IDP roundtable podcast. He has been a journeyman since coming into the league but his play on the field has been rather good in most situations. There seems to be something about Moore behind the scene that makes teams sour on him. If he can find the right situation however, this is a player with big fantasy potential. Maybe the Cardinals will be the right fit; they could certainly use the help on the field.

Word is Tyrann Mathieu will suit up and go in week twelve. This is great news for the Cardinals but mixed for fantasy owners. If he is fully healthy Mathieu can have an impact both on the field and in the box score. My fear being he is pushing a return more because the team needs him and less because he is fully healthy. It would be great to have him for the playoff run but plugging him back in our lineups this week is a huge risk even with a solid matchup. The other played effected by this situation is D.J. Swearinger who could see less opportunity with Mathieu back. Swearinger was hot for a game or two after Mathieu went down but has faded back into mediocrity over the past few weeks. He too should have a seat on the bench this week if not cut all together.


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