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Allen Robinson Faceoff

Andy Hicks and Stephen Holloway offer differing views of Allen Robinson

The staff members at Footballguys are full of opinions. In a Faceoff, we allow two members to voice their opinions on a specific player. One picked the high side, and the other took the low side.

High Side by Andy Hicks

Very rarely does a fantasy receiver have everything in place for him to succeed and be value. That is the case with Allen Robinson in 2016. He is a young, ascendant talent on a young, ascending team and finished the 2015 season as the fourth-ranked fantasy receiver. Yet here he is with question marks surrounding the Jaguars as a whole and the alleged garbage time stats of the previous year. Much riskier prospects in Dez Bryant and Jordy Nelson will in all likelihood be taken before him, and a lot of drafters are being unnecessarily cautious when it comes to the third-year man out of Penn State.

Look closely at his 2015 season, and a case can be made that he is one of the most consistent elite receivers in the league. From Week 5 until the end of the season he either had a 100 yards and or a touchdown in 12 consecutive games. That’s all well and good, but many will say that the Jaguars will have a much better defense and picked up Chris Ivory in free agency to change the structure of the offense. Very rarely do that many new faces on a defense gel quickly and with many young players it is not going to be an instant success. The 2017 season should start to see a dominant defense emerge, but foresight in projecting defensive powerhouses is often overstated. They need to play together as a unit first.