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Transitioning from Season Long to DFS

A playbook on how I transitioned from season long leagues to DFS and won a million dollars while having lots of fun.

I have been playing fantasy sports for about 20 years. Fantasy sports is one of the best ways to hang out with friends, follow sports, and improve your analytical skills. I started out like many of you in my local league with friends and had a lot of success. Winning more times than losing made it even more fun. I branched these season long leagues out to dynasty leagues and built some great teams. Until I inevitably made a trade like 4 first rounders for Trent Richardson. I didn't only play traditional games though. I also won in national contests like taking second place in a smallworld sports NBA contest, getting inducted into the WallstreetSports Hall of Fame, and winning first several times in the first true DFS games on NBC's Sunday night football by playing contrarian strategies before anyone knew what it meant to be contrarian. But despite having played fantasy sports in all these different forms the transition to DFS is still the hardest. This is simply because it is one of the most complex fantasy games created. Yet outside of our outstanding Cracking Fanduel series I haven't seen a real play book on how to transition from season long leagues to DFS. So I am going to walk through how I did it, learned a lot, had fun, and won a million dollars in the process.