Monday Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 3

Making rounds on injuries to A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Tony Romo, and others

It wasn't all good news last week, but lots of players returning from injuries saw time in the third preseason game and looked healthy. Le'Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Matt Forte, Sammy Watkins, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Victor Cruz, Joe Flacco, and Jared Cook all returned to play and finished their games without any obvious setbacks. Bell, Elliott, and Gordon looked particularly good. We may not see Jamaal Charles or Thomas Rawls or Jordy Nelson until the first week of the season, but all three continue to progress toward full contact practices.

Injury Rounds

A.J. Green | Knee injury | Day-to-Day

Green limped off the field in last night's preseason game. It was a non-contact injury and fear of a long-term recovery immediately blew up my Twitter mentions. The Bengals very quickly sent word to the press box that Green's injury was minor. Green never went to the locker room and was seen casually chatting with Andy Dalton later in the half. Green also gave an interview to Michele Tafoya on the sideline later in the game. That's a very reassuring detail. While it's likely Green's injury is minor, I trust absolutely nothing the Bengals say officially about their players' injuries.


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