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Player Spotlight: Eric Decker

A detailed look at Eric Decker's fantasy prospects for 2016.

here we go again

Eric Decker gets drafted too late literally every season and somehow the majority of fantasy owners haven’t picked up on it yet.

There have been no shortage of excuses for Decker’s Rodney Dangerfield treatment over the years:

2012: “He’s not the top target on his team.”

2013: “The addition of Wes Welker means there’s not enough balls to go around.”

2014: “Bwahahahaha he’s on the Jets now.”

2015: “He’s not the top target on his team (again), there’s not enough balls to go around (again), and he’s still on the Jets bwahahahaha (again).”

After exceeding expectations for five consecutive seasons and finishing last year as the cumulative WR14, one would think Decker had finally gained the respect of the fake football community. But here we are preparing for 2016 fantasy drafts and Decker is coming off the board at the curiously low ADP of WR28 in PPR leagues.

A fresh batch of excuses has conspired to suppress his ADP (again), making the perennially underrated Decker one of the best early(ish) round wide receivers you can invest in.