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Footballguys DFS Tools Series: Target Stats

How to get the most out of Footballguys' Targets Stats for daily fantasy football.

The previous article in our DFS Tools Series touched on the fact opportunity stats are the most highly correlated to daily fantasy scoring for all offensive players besides quarterbacks. We want our running backs to see plenty of snaps, carries, and receptions, while targets rule the day for wide receivers and tight ends.

If you had the good sense to invest in an Insider Pro subscription, I trust you already know targets measure how many times a pass catcher is thrown the ball by his quarterback. But what new subscribers (and maybe even some of you old timers) may not know is that Footballguys houses the best target data archive on the web. You’ll see in the video below, our target stats can be sorted by any combination of year (all the way back to 2002), week, position, and team.