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Single RB, Part II: The Players You Should Be Targeting

The players who will help you execute the Single RB strategy in 2016

In Part I of the Single RB strategy, we discussed placing middle-to-low-round running backs in specific categories in order to best execute the Single RB strategy and create a mix of ceiling, floor, and early season starters. Those categories are Guaranteed Carries; Early Season Upside; Flex Floor, Starter Ceiling; and High Upside Handcuffs. You'll see into which group(s) the players fall in the following tables.

Allow me to preface this player list with the following assumptions:

  • I'm assuming a half-PPR league in terms of a scoring system. If your scoring system is different or if your personal preferences vary, alter the order of this list as you wish.
  • When I rank these players, I'm not factoring in their prices. If I have a player whose ADP is 79 ahead of a player whose ADP is 65, it means I think the 79 player will outscore the 65 player outright. The reason for this is because once we pass the first five or so rounds in a draft, longshots are being taken and flags are being planted with less risk.

Rounds 6 and 7