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How To Attack Large Non-PPR Leagues

Strategy on Attacking Your Large Non-PPR League Draft

Large leagues are a lot of fun. The size makes them much different than the standard twelve teamers. It is a losing proposition to use standard draft strategies in the bigger leagues. An entirely different strategy is required to make the most of the draft. This article will look at sixteen-team leagues using non-PPR scoring. We will examine strategies specially designed for the larger leagues in order to best attack the draft and get the most from the roster. These will help you form a new strategy for your larger league.

Down to basics, what are the differences I should know about the larger leagues?

In general, the larger the leagues, the more positional scarcity comes into play. In twelve-team leagues, there might be twelve starting quarterbacks you would be fine with as your starter. But, when the number of teams bumps up to sixteen, there will be a few fantasy squads with poor quarterback play. This is true at the running back position as well. There are not many at the position you want to rely on each and every week as a fantasy starter.

 Anyone who has been caught in a position run in a standard twelve-team league knows how hopeless and frustrating it can be knowing there is nothing you can do now to help the situation. These runs at a specific position, especially quarterback, running back, and tight end are even more important in the larger leagues. The extra teams mean the runs can be longer and those left out are in even worse shape than in the smaller leagues.

 Since most larger leagues have fewer roster spots per team, each one is important. Knowing how to strike the best balance is the key. This involves the tight end, kicker, and team defense positions as well as finding depth at running back and wide receiver.

 Knowing when to take a kicker or defense is a bigger issue in the larger leagues because of the risk-and-return decision for the pick used compared to the scarcity of few good options at either position.

How do I best address these issues above?