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Finders Keepers

Strategy for Keeper Leagues

Even though the vast majority of fantasy footballers participate in redraft leagues, dynasty leagues are gaining in number and prominence. There is also a growing number of fantasy footballers who love keeper leagues. Keeper leagues offer the fantasy football owner the best of both redraft and dynasty leagues, keeping the best players from the year before AND the thrill of drafting the rest of the team. Most who participate in this hobby love the annual draft - the anticipation, the strategy, and most of all .... the smack talk.

Keeper leagues are leagues where an owner is allowed to keep a certain number of players from one year to the next. Depending on the league, teams are able to keep one to eight players. Leagues with fewer players kept have more of an emphasis on the draft. In these leagues, the Redraft rankings and projections are a great guide for player value and expected performance. The larger keeper leagues look and feel more like dynasty leagues so the Dynasty rankings offer value. For keeper owners, it is the best of both worlds. The leagues offer the year-around activity of a dynasty league with the ability to draft well and make a bad team into a contender in just one year as with redrafts. There are many types of keeper leagues, representing the gamut of keeper owners.  Just remember that there are only two goals of keeper leagues: Win the championship and Upgrade your keepers.  Everything a keeper owner does is with one of these two goals in mind.

Many keeper leagues are active with trades more often than redraft or dynasty leagues because owners are either trying to load up for a title run or make quantity-for-quality deals in order to improve their keeper choices. It is impossible to compare values across leagues.

We will focus on the three primary types of keeper leagues: