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Dynasty News You Can Use: Week 16

A look at the recent fantasy news from a dynasty perspective.

We scour the news around the NFL to bring you what matters most to you and your dynasty team: the most current news on players, both superstars and the relative unknowns, and analysis to decipher the respective situations.  These are many of the major stories and not meant to be an exhaustive look at all the recent happenings around the league. 

The poor play of Brock Osweiler has been well-discussed the last few weeks.  He has been terrible and coach O’Brien has been scrutinized for defending his passer.  Well, after his quarterback was playing horribly in the first half against the Jaguars, the coach finally had enough.  The Jaguars were leading the Texans and O’Brien made the switch to Tom Savage.  Savage led Houston to the win.  For those wondering how bad Osweiler played.  He was actually worse than the 6-for-11 passing for 48 yards and two picks.  The insertion of Savage was great for the fantasy exploits of Hopkins, Fuller, and Graham.  Savage targeted Hopkins on 42% (15 of 36) of his pass targets.  This was a huge bump over the passive Osweiler who was afraid to throw the ball down the field.  As Houston is vying for a playoff spot, the coach announced Savage as the starter on Monday.  When asked about the quarterback change, O'Brien said, "We don't make decisions on how much a guy gets paid … We make decisions on what's the best way to win a game. That was the decision we made today and I thought today, it worked out OK." We do not buy this answer as – if true – the quarterback change would have happened weeks ago.  The team gave him way too much money in free agency and it will take years to dig out of Osweiler’s deal.  Former agent, Joel Curry said via Twitter that the team would take a $6 million cap hit if cutting ties with Osweiler after the 2017 season. 


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