DraftKings Playoffs Week 3 Starting Stacks

Some popular chalk stacks and some correlation plays to use in your DraftKings GPP tournaments.

Welcome to the Conference Championship Round of the NFL DFS playoffs! Hope you had a good season and enjoy the last weekend of the NFL DFS until September. With only 2 games on the schedule, there will be heavy overlap at every position. Instead of listing "chalk" stacks and "under the radar" stacks this week, I will review 2 of the top stacks along with correlation plays from the same game. In order to conquer a GPP this weekend, you will have to nail the perfect lineup. Rostering a mega stack (1 QB with 2+ players from the same team and 2+ players from the opposing team) will be very popular this weekend. You will also need to include at least one "boom or bust" player that carries a low ownership percentage. I recommend playing much less of your daily bankroll (around 10%) as compared to most NFL weeks.


Playoff STACKS


Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals, Team Total 25.25 points

QB Cam Newton $7,200-TE Greg Olsen $7,100 Total Stack $14,300 (28.6% of salary)

Correlation Plays (Panthers):

Jonathan Stewart $5,900, Mike Tolbert $2,200, Ted Ginn Jr Jr. $4,300, Devin Funchess $3,200 Corey Brown $2,800 Panthers Defense $3,500

Correlation Plays (Cardinals)

David Johnson $6,500, Larry Fitzgerald $6,900, Michael Floyd $5,300, John Brown $5,200

The Panthers are 3 point home favorites with the highest team total (25.25) of the weekend. Cam Newton will be the most popular QB to roster on DraftKings with a salary of $7,200. Greg Olsen is the number one option to stack along with Newton. Look to add at least 2 more Panthers and at least 2 Cardinals to your stack. After last weekend's 2 TD 106 yard performance, Jonathan Stewart will also be very popular. To differentiate your Panthers stack, make sure to add one  "boom or bust" option, such as Mike Tolbert or Corey Brown. These low-priced options will carry a much lower ownership percentage and can vault your team up the leaderboard. After last weekend's overtime performance, Larry Fitzgerald will be the most popular WR in this game. If this game turns into a shoot-out, you will need a share of every touchdown to unlock the winning GPP lineup.



New England Patriots at Denver Broncos, Team Total 23.5 points

QB Tom Brady $7,400-TE Rob Gronkowski $7,600 Total Stack $15,000 (30% of salary)

QB Tom Brady $7,400-WR Julian Edelman $7,500 Total Stack $14,900 (29.8% of salary)

QB Tom Brady $7,400-TE Rob Gronkowski $7,600, WR Julian Edelman $7,500 Total Stack $22,500 (45% of salary)

Correlation Plays (Patriots)

James White $4,600, Steven Jackson $3,000, Danny Amendola $4,400, Brandon LaFell $3,300, Patriots Defense $3,100

Correlation Plays (Broncos)

C.J. Anderson $4,400, Ronnie Hillman $3,900, Demaryius Thomas $7,000, Emmanuel Sanders $6,300,

The Patriots are 3 point road favorites with a team total of 23.5 points. Julian Edelman ($7,500) and Rob Gronkowski (7,600) have high DraftKings salaries, but it is possible to include both of them in a Patriots mega stack. This 3 man stack takes up 45% of the salary for your 9 man roster and leaves you with $4,583 average remaining/player to construct your team. Look to add at least 2 more Patriots and at least 2 Broncos to your stack. Some cheap options are Danny Amendola ($4,400) and Brandon LaFell ($3,300) as they will carry much lower ownership as compared to Edelman and Gronkowski. C.J. Anderson had success on the ground (113 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns) in their Week 12 matchup vs. the Broncos. I would not be surprised if the Broncos use the same blueprint to attack the Patriots again this weekend.