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Returner Recap and Latest News: Super Bowl

Super Bowl news for fantasy leagues that utilize returners.

Individual returner projections for each week are included in your MyFBG projections and rankings automatically. My returner projections are included in the default projection set with David Dodds' offensive predictions. Choose David as the source, and then choose a scoring system in which you have included points for return yards.

The base return projections for a week can be seen on this page. You can also go to the content for the week and use the Returner Projections link to get there.

Super Bowl Outlook

The Super Bowl features two teams with kickers that performed equally on kickoffs during the regular season. Brandon McManus did have the advantage of kicking in the thin air of Denver so might be the worse of the two. Though if they differ, it is not by much. The larger question is likely going to be which team scores and kicks off the most. The Panthers are a clear favorite in the game, and the more likely team to be on the winning end should there be a blowout that racks up return yards for the opponent. So it makes sense that Broncos kick returner Andre Caldwell is our top prospect for the Super Bowl. Caldwell replaced Omar Bolden as the returner after Bolden was placed on injured reserve earlier in the playoffs.

Job Changes and Injuries of Note

Fozzy Whittaker played in the Panther's Conference Championship win against the Cardinals, but continues to miss some practice time with a high ankle sprain. He likely has time to rest it sufficiently before the Super Bowl, but his status should be watched going into the game. Joe Webb has handled returns for the Panthers when Whittaker has been unable to play.

Super Bowl Team Return Projections

Receiving TeamKR YardsKR TDsPR YardsPR TDsTotal YardsTotal TDs
Denver Broncos 44 0.01 26 0.04 70 0.05
Carolina Panthers 35 0.01 25 0.03 60 0.04

Super Bowl Player Return Projections

PlayerTeamPositionKR YardsKR TDsPR YardsPR TDsTotal YardsTotal TDs
Andre Caldwell Denver Broncos WR 37 0.01 0 0 37 0.01
Jordan Norwood Denver Broncos WR 7 0 22 0.03 29 0.03
Ted Ginn Carolina Panthers WR 2 0 22 0.03 24 0.03
Fozzy Whittaker Carolina Panthers RB 21 0.01 0 0 21 0.01
Joe Webb Carolina Panthers WR 12 0 3 0 15 0
Emmanuel Sanders Denver Broncos WR 0 0 4 0.01 4 0.01