Trade Dominator 13.0a

Note: To get the latest projections data (as of 12/26), click File -> Get New Data

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Trade Dominator - Quick Start Guide

What is a Trade Dominator?

It is a tool to help you decide the value of a Trade / Transaction

How do I get started?

First thing you will want to do is add the number of starters for each position at the bottom of the screen.

Then you will want to add players to your Before and After team. To do this, Click on the Add Button and then Add the players to either the "Before Team", or the "After Team" or both. You can keep adding players until you click on the Close button.

You can use the Remove Button to remove the player from the "Before Team" or the "After Team".

Can I save / open a Trade Session?

Yes, click on File-Save and give it a name. Then when you want to open it, click on File-Open and then select the name.

Can I get updated info?

Click on File-Get New Data, then click on Update. The Trade Dominator will go out, and load the latest Trade Dominator Information. When you close out of the Get New Data dialog box, your team data will be automatically updated to reflect any changes in the Top 200 Forward data.