Matchup Analysis: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Rams

Vegas Prediction

Vegas says: Redskins 22, Rams 25

FBG Projections

TeamRushYardsTDCompAttPass YdTDINT

Washington Redskins Offense: overview

Points (vs AVG) (rank)Rush Yards (vs AVG) (rank)Pass Yards (vs AVG) (rank)
Redskins Offense17.0 (-3.2) (22)64 (-28) (21)200 (-20) (16)
Rams Defense9.0 (-11.2) (7)75 (-17) (15)150 (-70) (8)

Los Angeles Rams Offense: overview

Points (vs AVG) (rank)Rush Yards (vs AVG) (rank)Pass Yards (vs AVG) (rank)
Rams Offense46.0 (+25.8) (1)63 (-29) (22)310 (+89) (3)
Redskins Defense30.0 (+9.8) (29)58 (-34) (9)298 (+77) (28)

Redskins Rushing offense

Tough matchup vs. the Rams defense.

Rob Kelley got the start for the Redskins in Week 1, however, he split snaps almost evenly with Chris Thompson (33 to 30). With only 10 carries to work from, Kelly only managed 30 yards. Kelly is more of a volume back than a playmaker, so he requires much more volume than 10 carries to prove his worth. Chris Thompson was allotted three carries, but he is definitely the team’s passing down back. Kirk Cousins actually led the team in rushing efficiency, rushing for 30 yards on four carries. This is not something to be expected though, Cousins has rushed for 20 or more yards only three previous times in his career.

The Rams defense performed very well against the run last season, ranking second in the league allowing only 78.3 yards per game. They were right on that mark in Week 1, limiting limited Frank Gore and company to only 75 rushing yards last week while the defensive front put consistent pressure on the Colts offensive line. While Washington has a talented offensive line, they did not play well at all in Week 1. This Rams front seven along with a talented run-defending secondary will be tough to deal with.

Redskins Passing offense

Tough matchup vs. the Rams defense.

Kirk Cousins had a tough start to the season as he could not find a rhythm in the Redskins Week 1 loss to the Eagles. Cousins only mustered 240 passing yards on 40 attempts, with one touchdown and an interception. Cousins did add 30 yards on the ground, but he lost two fumbles in addition to his one interception, with one of those fumbles being returned for a touchdown. Cousins was under consistent pressure from the Eagles defensive line, taking eight hits while getting sacked four times. Terrelle Pryor looked raw on a rather inefficient day, hauling in only six of his team-leading 11 targets with two bad drops. Jordan Reed hauled in five passes for 36 yards in a tough matchup as he continued to struggle through a broken toe. The rest of the Redskins receivers appeared

The Redskins draw a Rams team that looked very solid in Week 1 against the Colts. Keep in mind, however, they were playing an anemic-looking Colts offense without Andrew Luck—any defense could have likely thrived in that matchup. The Rams though do have a very solid secondary to contend with, led by cornerback Trumaine Johnson and safety Lamarcus Joyner—both of whom had interception returns for touchdowns last week. Trumaine Johnson typically does not shadow as he lines up on the left side for most snaps, meaning Pryor would fall under his coverage at times. With both Johnson and Joyner holding down this secondary and newly acquired linebacker Zach Brown covering the middle of the field, the Rams will be in for quite the challenge.

Rams Rushing offense

Tough matchup vs. the Redskins defense.

Todd Gurley had a solid fantasy day due a rushing touchdown and contributions in the passing game, but he was extremely inefficient rushing the ball in what should have been a very favorable matchup against a Colts team that typically struggles against the run. Going into Week 1, the Rams offensive line was ranked 26th by Matt Bitonti of Footballguys. Their performance in Week 1 solidified that ranking, with particularly bad play on the interior. Even with a game script very favorable to rushing the ball, the Rams as a team could only manage an average of 1.9 yards per attempt (33 total rush attempts).

The Redskins rushing defense was one of the worst in the league in 2016, allowing the fifth most fantasy points to running backs. During the offseason, the Redskins did make some moves to address this weakness by bolstering their front seven. One of those additions was inside linebacker Zach Brown, who had a spectacular debut in Week 1 against the Eagles. Brown consistently plugged holes at the line and gained penetration into the backfield, racking up seven tackles—two of which were for a loss. While the Redskins defensive line still turned in a mediocre performance, Brown’s solid debut combined with the weak Rams offensive line could make for a tough day rushing the ball on Sunday.

Rams Passing offense

Good matchup vs. the Redskins defense.

Jared Goff finished last week with the third highest quarterback rating of 117.9 as he led the Rams to a blowout win over the Colts. Goff had a forgettable rookie season in 2016, but he showed improvement during this year’s preseason and solidified that in this Week 1 outing. Goff looked particularly good throwing the deep ball, completing four of his five attempts of 20 or more yards. Rookie receiver Cooper Kupp had a spectacular NFL debut, hauling in four receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown as he proved to be one of Goff’s favorite receiving targets. Sammy Watkins had had an efficient outing, while Todd Gurley managed to haul in five of his six targets for 56 yards through the air.

The Redskins secondary had a poor showing in Week 1 against the Eagles, led by poor coverage and missed tackles from both safeties Deshazor Everett and D.J. Swearinger. The cornerback unit played well on the outsides, but the Redskins really struggled to cover receivers over the middle. This matchup bodes particularly well for Cooper Kupp, as he played most of his snaps in Week 1 out of the slot. Sammy Watkins should draw coverage from Josh Norman. While Norman has not proven to be what he was in Carolina, he is still a solid cornerback that downgrades any receiver drawing his shadow.

Rams vs QB

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)2 (-10.7)2 (-10.7)4 (-9.5)3 (-10.4)
1Scott Tolzien41918128022204.

Kirk Cousins (FanDuel: $7700, DraftKings: $6100)

1vs PHI632340240114300181811.613.6
2PROJ-Dodds24372661.613110.120.420.420.4 (H=48)20.4 (H=60)
2PROJ-Tremblay22362421.11.16290.420.720.720.7 (H=49)20.7 (H=62)
2PROJ-Bloom23362261.41.14150.117.917.917.9 (H=38)17.9 (H=48)

Rams vs RB

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)18 (-1.5)12 (-4.2)16 (-2.7)12 (-4.7)
1Marlon Mack17102411121010.511.511.011.5
1Frank Gore1910420111005.

Rob Kelley (FanDuel: $5600, DraftKings: $3900)

1vs PHI33103001000333.03.0
2PROJ-Dodds16650.41609.510.510.0 (H=19)10.5 (H=30)
2PROJ-Tremblay16630.31708.89.89.3 (H=16)9.8 (H=26)
2PROJ-Bloom15550.40007.97.97.9 (H=12)7.9 (H=18)

Chris Thompson (FanDuel: $5500, DraftKings: $3800)

1vs PHI303405452111.615.613.615.6
2PROJ-Dodds4190.14290.26.610.68.6 (H=15)10.6 (H=31)
2PROJ-Tremblay5230.13250.1697.5 (H=11)9.0 (H=23)
2PROJ-Bloom3130.14270. (H=11)9.2 (H=24)

Samaje Perine (FanDuel: $4900, DraftKings: $3800)

1vs PHI00000000000.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds3100.10001.61.61.6 (H=0)1.6 (H=1)
2PROJ-Tremblay000000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)
2PROJ-Bloom000000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)

Rams vs WR

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)5 (-7.6)2T (-12.9)2 (-12.1)2 (-14.4)
1T.Y. Hilton44735700005.
1Donte Moncrief45415000005.

Terrelle Pryor (FanDuel: $6800, DraftKings: $6000)

1vs PHI531166600006.612.69.612.6
2PROJ-Dodds5670.40009.114.111.6 (H=20)14.1 (H=32)
2PROJ-Tremblay5640.30008.213.210.7 (H=17)13.2 (H=29)
2PROJ-Bloom5640.40008.813.811.3 (H=19)13.8 (H=31)

Jamison Crowder (FanDuel: $6200, DraftKings: $4900)

1vs PHI49731400001.
2PROJ-Dodds5590.30007.712.710.2 (H=18)12.7 (H=33)
2PROJ-Tremblay4480.20006108.0 (H=11)10.0 (H=22)
2PROJ-Bloom5470.40007.112.19.6 (H=16)12.1 (H=30)

Ryan Grant (FanDuel: $4600, DraftKings: $3500)

1vs PHI37646100006.
2PROJ-Dodds1200.10002.63.63.1 (H=3)3.6 (H=5)
2PROJ-Tremblay3420.20005.48.46.9 (H=12)8.4 (H=22)
2PROJ-Bloom3350.10004.17.15.6 (H=8)7.1 (H=17)

Josh Doctson (FanDuel: $4900, DraftKings: $3500)

1vs PHI200000000000.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds1140.1000232.5 (H=1)3.0 (H=3)
2PROJ-Tremblay000000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)
2PROJ-Bloom000000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)

Rams vs TE

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)12 (-2.4)10 (-4.7)10 (-3.6)10 (-4.8)
1Jack Doyle46324104.

Jordan Reed (FanDuel: $6400, DraftKings: $5200)

1vs PHI55853603.
2PROJ-Dodds5510.47.512.510.0 (H=16)12.5 (H=30)
2PROJ-Tremblay5450.36.311.38.8 (H=13)11.3 (H=25)
2PROJ-Bloom5420.46.611.69.1 (H=14)11.6 (H=26)

Vernon Davis (FanDuel: $4800, DraftKings: $3000)

1vs PHI271000000.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds1100. (H=1)2.6 (H=3)
2PROJ-Tremblay1120. (H=1)2.8 (H=3)
2PROJ-Bloom000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)

Rams vs PK

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)3T (-4.0)3T (-4.0)3T (-5.0) (+0.0)
1Adam Vinatieri1201333.00.0

Dustin Hopkins (FanDuel: $4700, DraftKings: $--)

1vs PHI1122555.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds1. (H=16)8.2
2PROJ-Tremblay1.622. (H=15)8.0

Rams vs TD

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)8T (-4.4)8T (-4.4)4T (-6.6)4T (-6.6)
1Indianapolis Colts4637310100332.02.0

Washington Redskins (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $2900)

1vs PHI30.0035621101121212.012.0
2PROJ-Dodds23.903422.30.90.600. (H=14)7.4 (H=22)
2PROJ-Tremblay24.253452.10.90.600. (H=14)7.6 (H=23)

Redskins vs QB

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)26 (+5.1)26 (+5.1)26 (+5.0)27 (+8.1)
1Carson Wentz6826393072146023.023.019.923.9

Jared Goff (FanDuel: $6500, DraftKings: $5100)

1vs IND6021293061012019.519.516.419.4
2PROJ-Dodds23352551.41250.118.418.418.4 (H=47)18.4 (H=60)
2PROJ-Tremblay21322341.70.9380.219.619.619.6 (H=53)19.6 (H=67)
2PROJ-Bloom20322221.5123016.416.416.4 (H=39)16.4 (H=49)

Redskins vs RB

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)19 (-1.4)19 (-0.1)20 (-0.6)19 (-0.6)
1LeGarrette Blount2314460111110.711.711.211.7
1Darren Sproles33220854304.

Todd Gurley (FanDuel: $7700, DraftKings: $6800)

1vs IND48194016556015.620.618.120.6
2PROJ-Dodds17710.53250. (H=27)16.2 (H=36)
2PROJ-Tremblay16660.64310.113.917.915.9 (H=31)17.9 (H=43)
2PROJ-Bloom19630.54310.1131715.0 (H=28)17.0 (H=39)

Malcolm Brown (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $3900)

1vs IND11716100007.
2PROJ-Dodds5180.21603.64.64.1 (H=5)4.6 (H=7)
2PROJ-Tremblay6250.21804.55.55.0 (H=7)5.5 (H=9)
2PROJ-Bloom4150.10002.12.12.1 (H=1)2.1 (H=1)

Redskins vs WR

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)21 (+2.7)19 (+1.4)21 (+4.2)19 (+2.9)
1Nelson Agholor428686100014.620.617.620.6
1Alshon Jeffery60733800003.

Sammy Watkins (FanDuel: $6700, DraftKings: $5200)

1vs IND38555800005.810.88.310.8
2PROJ-Dodds4600.40008.412.410.4 (H=17)12.4 (H=30)
2PROJ-Tremblay5640.40008.813.811.3 (H=19)13.8 (H=36)
2PROJ-Bloom4550.50008.512.510.5 (H=17)12.5 (H=30)

Cooper Kupp (FanDuel: $5400, DraftKings: $4100)

1vs IND396476100013.617.615.617.6
2PROJ-Dodds4510.30006.910.98.9 (H=16)10.9 (H=30)
2PROJ-Tremblay3420.3000697.5 (H=12)9.0 (H=21)
2PROJ-Bloom4520.50008.212.210.2 (H=20)12.2 (H=37)

Robert Woods (FanDuel: $5400, DraftKings: $3400)

1vs IND43535300005.
2PROJ-Dodds3380.2000586.5 (H=9)8.0 (H=21)
2PROJ-Tremblay2280.2000465.0 (H=6)6.0 (H=13)
2PROJ-Bloom2270.10003.35.34.3 (H=4)5.3 (H=10)

Tavon Austin (FanDuel: $5000, DraftKings: $3500)

1vs IND7117021101.
2PROJ-Dodds1120.12130. (H=4)4.7 (H=8)
2PROJ-Tremblay1100.121202.83.83.3 (H=3)3.8 (H=5)
2PROJ-Bloom2130.1290. (H=5)5.4 (H=10)

Pharoh Cooper (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $3000)

1vs IND221000000000.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds1800000.81.81.3 (H=0)1.8 (H=1)
2PROJ-Tremblay1110.10001.72.72.2 (H=1)2.7 (H=3)
2PROJ-Bloom000000000.0 (H=0)0.0 (H=0)

Redskins vs TE

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)24 (+3.9)28 (+8.6)25 (+6.2)28 (+8.5)
1Zach Ertz60889309.317.313.317.3

Tyler Higbee (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $2600)

1vs IND53321701.
2PROJ-Dodds2200. (H=4)4.6 (H=10)
2PROJ-Tremblay2190. (H=5)5.1 (H=12)
2PROJ-Bloom2210. (H=4)4.7 (H=11)

Gerald Everett (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $2500)

1vs IND29113903.
2PROJ-Dodds2170. (H=3)4.3 (H=10)
2PROJ-Tremblay1100. (H=1)2.6 (H=4)
2PROJ-Bloom2230. (H=4)4.9 (H=12)

Derek Carrier (FanDuel: $4500, DraftKings: $2500)

1vs IND13211201.
2PROJ-Dodds1800.81.81.3 (H=0)1.8 (H=2)
2PROJ-Tremblay1100. (H=1)2.6 (H=4)

Redskins vs PK

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)21T (+3.0)21T (+3.0)26 (+5.0) (+0.0)
1Caleb Sturgis3312101013.00.0

Greg Zuerlein (FanDuel: $4600, DraftKings: $--)

1vs IND3355141417.00.0
2PROJ-Dodds1. (H=16)8.3
2PROJ-Tremblay1. (H=20)9.2

Redskins vs TD

Season FPPG allowed rank (vs AVG)28T (+16.6)28T (+16.6)27 (+13.4)27 (+13.4)
1Philadelphia Eagles1726441301242422.022.0

Los Angeles Rams (FanDuel: $4400, DraftKings: $3000)

1vs IND9.0022542112242428.028.0
2PROJ-Dodds22.103672.40.90.700. (H=17)8.1 (H=24)
2PROJ-Tremblay21.253572.31.10.700. (H=22)9.5 (H=32)