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Week 16 Game Recap: Miami Dolphins 13, Kansas City Chiefs 29

What you need to know

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 29-13, dropping them to 6-9 on the season. Jay Cutler had an up and down game, completing only 19 of 38 passes for 286 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. Running back Kenyan Drake rushed 13 times for 56 yards, but was held without a reception for the second time this season. Jarvis Landry caught five passes for 51 yards, and DeVante Parker caught five passes for 63 yards. Kenny Stills caught four passes for 54 yards, but the star of the day for the Dolphins was Jakeem Grant who caught four passes for 107 yards and a touchdown. Julius Thomas was put on injured reserve by the Dolphins. His backup, the newly signed AJ Derby, caught one pass for 11 yards.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City beat the Miami Dolphins 29-13 to improve their record to 9-6 while also clinching a playoff berth and the AFC West title. Alex Smith completed 25 of 39 passes for 304 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. Kareem Hunt rushed 29 times for 91 yards and one touchdown while also catching four passes for 15 yards. Tyreek Hill caught six passes for 109 yards, but he was also the victim of a terrible call by the officials as he should have had another reception for a touchdown. Travis Kelce caught four passes for 47 yards and a touchdown. The Chiefs had a tumultuous season, but they were able to play well the last two games and close out the season on a high note by winning the AFC West.

Miami Dolphins

QB Jay Cutler, 57 offensive snaps, Pass: 19 - 38 - 286 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 2 - -1 - 0
Jay Cutler completed 19 of 38 passes for 286 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. It was only the fourth time all season that Cutler did not turn the ball over. For most of the game Cutler was unable to move the ball for the Dolphins offense, but he did connect with Jakeem Grant twice on the same play that went for a total of 91 yards. The first time Cutler did lined up in the shotgun formation and used Jarvis Landry as a play-action threat as he came in motion from the left side of the formation and looked as though he was going to run a reverse. Cutler faked the hand off to Landry, which completely froze the Chiefs defense and had most of their secondary moving to the right, and then threw a screen pass to Jakeem Grant to the left. Grant used his speed and ability to cut quickly and created a 26 yard gain. The second time, Cutler again lined up in the shotgun formation but this time used Kenyan Drake as the play-action threat. The Chiefs defense bit again on the play-action fake, and Cutler threw the same screen pass to Grant. Grant is an explosive player at 5-7, 169 pounds, but he showed some serious toughness on this play. He got up to top speed so quickly that he was able to run over two Chiefs defenders and break four tackles on his way to a 65 yard touchdown. If not for Grant, Cutler would not have broken 200 yards passing and would not have thrown a touchdown. He was able to connect with DeVante Parker for a 34 yard pass, but it was a complete prayer that was thrown into tight double coverage. Parker however, went up and snatched the ball and made a fantastic catch. This basically sums up the day for Cutler, as his receivers did all of the work and he did not create any plays on his own.

RB Kenyan Drake, 54 offensive snaps, Rush: 13 - 57 - 0 (3 targets)
Kenyan Drake rushed 13 times for 57 yards, but was unable to reel in any of his three targets and was held without a reception on the day. Drake played well when given the ball, but he only saw 13 carries which was the entire workload for the Dolphins running backs despite the fact that Damien Williams was healthy. Drakeís long carry of the day went for 18 yards where he broke through the right side of the line and was able to get into space. On one drive, Drake had plays of six yards, seven yards and then the 18 yard rush, but aside from that he was bottled up for much of the day. He also had carries of 12 and 11 yards that were both called back due to offensive penalties. With Jay Cutler throwing the ball 38 times, it was a big disappointment that Drake did not have any receptions on his three targets. He should have a much easier time against the Bills next weekend, and look for Drake to end the year on a big note.

WR DeVante Parker, 45 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 63 - 0 (10 targets)
DeVante Parker caught five passes for 63 yards on 10 targets against the Chiefs. The 10 targets were the most on the Dolphins, which is interesting considering Parker had really lost the confidence of Jay Cutler in the second half of the season. It does make sense though, as Jarvis Landry will be a free agent after this year and Miami needs to know what they have in Parker. Parkerís long catch of the day came on a 34 yard gain where he beat Marcus Peters down the field, however Cutler did not see him until it was too late. By that time, two Chiefs defenders had caught up with Parker, and Cutler threw up a prayer that Parker was able to jump up and high point the ball, making a very nice catch. Other than that catch, Parker was held to four catches for 29 yards and did not make much of an impact. He was targeted down the field twice, but both were bad throws by Cutler that Parker had no shot of catching.

WR Jarvis Landry, 55 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 51 - 0 (7 targets)
Jarvis Landry caught five of seven targets for 51 yards against the Chiefs on Sunday. On Landryís first reception of the day, he ran a short out-route and then turned the ball up field. As Landry approached two defenders he was taken down and stripped of the ball, which the Chiefs recovered, leading them to a field a goal and the first points of the day. Landryís long reception of the day was a 21 yard crossing route where Jay Cutler threw a nice ball and hit Landry in stride. Landry was able to turn slightly up field before being crushed by several Chiefs defenders. The rest of Landryís receptions were short routes that were contained very well by the Chiefs secondary. It was only the second time all season that Landry was held without either six catches, 60 yards or a touchdown. Jakeem Grant was the star of the day and he ran many of the same routes that Landry does, however he was able to break the big plays on the day.

WR Jakeem Grant, 11 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - 3 - 0, Rec: 4 - 107 - 1 (6 targets)
Jakeem Grant caught four of his six targets for 107 yards and a touchdown against the Chiefs, and was absolutely the star of the day for the Dolphins offense. Grant was able to create two long gains, which came on the same exactly play. It was a screen pass to the left side of the formation that Cutler used play-action to get the defense moving one way while turning and throw a screen to Grant on the opposite side. Grant then used his speed and make several quick cuts on the first play, gaining 26 yards. On the second screen pass, Grant got up to top speed so quickly that he was able to run over two Chiefs defenders while breaking four tackles on his way to a 65 yard touchdown. Grant is only 5-7, 169 pounds, but he was instant energy for the Dolphins and they need to continue to figure out ways to get him involved in the offense.

WR Kenny Stills, 49 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 54 - 0 (6 targets)
Kenny Stills caught four passes for 54 yards on six targets against the Chiefs. Stills statistics donít look too bad, but he played very poorly in this game. He lost a fumble, committed an offensive pass interference penalty on a long gain and had a bad drop. He lost snaps to Jakeem Grant late in the game, which Grant used to his advantage, creating several big plays while outplaying Stills. We will see what week 17 holds, but donít be surprised if Stills continues to lose snaps to Grant.

Kansas City Chiefs

QB Alex Smith, 83 offensive snaps, Pass: 25 - 39 - 304 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 4 - 13 - 0
Alex Smith completed 25 of 39 passes for 301 yards and a touchdown, while also rushing four times for 13 yards. It was Smithís fifth game with 300+ passing yards and his 11th game without an interception. Smith played really well in this game and took advantage of a weak Dolphins secondary. He hit Tyreek Hill down the field for gains of 33 and 52 yards. The first play came with Smith in the shotgun formation, where he took a two-step drop and threw the ball to Hillís back shoulder 30 yards down the field. Hill made a nice catch before stepping out of bounds for a big gain. Smith hit Hill again on a 52 yard reception where Smith just threw a perfect ball 50 yards and hit Hill in stride between two defenders. It was the type of throw that Smith is criticized for not being able to convert, but there isnít a quarterback in the NFL who could have thrown a better ball deep down the field to Hill. Smithís only touchdown pass came on a nine yard play to Travis Kelce. Smith lined up in the shotgun formation took a two-step drop before throwing a dart to Travis Kelce on a slant route in the end zone. Smith threw a hard ball up and in to Kelce who made a nice snag. I donít know what Smith ate before this game, but he came out throwing the ball much harder than Iíve seen in any other game this season. His downfield passes were on target and placed perfectly for his receivers to make the catch but their defenders could not make a play on the ball, which is exactly what you want out of your quarterback. The Chiefs are a dangerous team with playmakers at the skill positions and on their defense and special teams, so donít be surprised to see them make a post-season run.

RB Kareem Hunt, 58 offensive snaps, Rush: 29 - 91 - 1, Rec: 4 - 15 - 0 (4 targets)
Kareem Hunt rushed 29 times for 91 yards and a touchdown while also catching all four of his targets for 13 yards. Hunt went through a tough stretch in the middle of the season, most likely hitting the rookie wall in weeks nine, 11, 12 and 13. He has recovered nicely in the last three weeks and it is mainly due to the volume that the Chiefs have given him. In weeks nine through 13, Hunt totaled 47 touches for 157 yards and no touchdowns in four games. In his last three games, Hunt has totaled 78 carries for 362 yards and three touchdowns. It is no surprise that the Chiefs have won the last three games, so you donít have to be an NFL head coach to see the correlation between the Chiefs establishing the run and their ability to win games. Huntís long gain of the day came on an option play where Smith lined up in the shotgun and then took off running to the right side of the formation. Smith drew in the defenders perfectly and then pitched the ball to Hunt who got around the edge, broke a tackle and took the ball all the way down to the three yard line for a 24 yard gain. Hunt was then given two more carries, the first going for two yards, and the next one for an easy one yard touchdown where Hunt hopped through the formation and crossed the goal line.

WR Tyreek Hill, 70 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - -1 - 0, Rec: 6 - 109 - 0 (7 targets)
Tyreek Hill led all Kansas City receivers in yards and receptions, catching six passes for 109 yards. Hill got going early in the 2nd quarter with a big play on 3rd and 15. Hill ran a deep slant-route where he started off running a go-route, but then crossed the field diagonally where he could create some space. He did have a step on his defender, but the credit goes to Alex Smith, as he was able to throw a perfect ball between two Dolphin defenders. Hill did make a nice play on the ball, and it went down as a 52 yard reception. Later in the 2nd quarter, Hill again ran a deep go-route where Smith threw it to his back shoulder. Hill again made a nice play on the ball, stopping quickly and reeling in the catch before stepping out of bounds. Hill has shown that he is not just an explosive player once he gets the ball in space, he is a legitimate #1 receiver who can make tough catches in traffic and go up and get the ball in 50/50 situations. Hill should have had a much bigger day was but completely screwed over by the officials on a play where he was able to double-tap his feet in-bounds in the end zone. The play was reviewed and up held as an incompletion but no explanation was given as to why it was not a touchdown, as Hill clearly got both of his down in-bounds. That touchdown would have capped an awesome day for Hill, but it was still a fantastic game and Hillís fourth 100+ yard game on the season.

TE Travis Kelce, 72 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 47 - 1 (8 targets)
Travis Kelce caught four of eight targets for 48 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins. Kelce led the Chiefs in targets, but it was a slow day for Kelce as he wasnít able to break any big plays down the field. His touchdown catch came on a slant route from the nine yard line. Kelce lined up on the right side of the formation and faked outside before turning inside towards the middle of the field. Alex Smith threw a great ball that was up and away from Kelce. Smith threw the ball with a lot of velocity in the perfect place, and Kelce threw his hands up quick and made a great catch for a touchdown. Kelce could have had another touchdown in the 4th quarter but was unable to reel in the catch. Kelce has 83 receptions for 1038 yards and four touchdowns on the year, and he has a great matchup next week against the Broncos, who he burned for seven catches, 133 yards and a touchdown in their first meeting.