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Week 14 Game Recap: Green Bay Packers 27, Cleveland Browns 21

What you need to know

Green Bay Packers

What we all need to know is something we won’t until later this week—is Aaron Rodgers returning this week? He’s able to, but whether the Packers want to risk him in a season which is only on life support is another matter. Also, what does that do to the pecking order among the receivers? Will Davante Adams see a massive decrease? Will Jordy Nelson bounce back? We’ll keep a close eye on this all week. Meanwhile, it certainly seems like Jamaal Williams is the lead back and Aaron Jones is the backup. Ty Montgomery is done for the season, so this is a chance to really see what Williams can do. He has improved each week, and appears to be a solid RB2 coming off three solid games in a row.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns fell to 0-13 in heartbreaking fashion in Week 14 against the Green Bay Packers. It was an unfortunate end result as they were in control for most of the game. Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer played his best game as a pro, but his interception in overtime allowed the Packers to score the game-winning touchdown to seal the victory. Despite the heart-breaking loss, there were plenty of positives to take away from this game. Isaiah Crowell turned in his first 100-yard rushing performance of the season behind excellent blocking from his offensive line. Josh Gordon's second game back was a success as he caught his first touchdown since the 2013 season.

Green Bay Packers

QB Brett Hundley, 76 offensive snaps, Pass: 35 - 46 - 265 - 3 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 7 - 31 - 0
Hundley played two very different games on Sunday, the first half representing the ho-hum, get it done Hundley we tend to see when he’s at his most efficient, while the second half made him look really good against an imploding Cleveland Browns defense. Key to Hundley’s game was being able to avoid turnovers, as Hundley didn’t throw an interception or fumble the ball. His first touchdown, a 30-yard floater to a wide-open Jamaal Williams, came on the Packers first drive. The Browns failed to stay with Williams, who got behind the coverage and was open near the goal line. The Packers didn’t find the end zone again until the fourth quarter, and Hundley didn’t throw a touchdown again until near the end of that period. That throw—a 1-yard pass to Davante Adams—was a very nice throw, as Hundley saw the coverage was inside, and threw to Hundley’s backside shoulder. The touchdown sent the game into overtime, where Hundley again found Adams, this time on what was supposed to be a very conservative screen pass. Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson did a very nice job blocking, and Adams broke free for a 25-yard touchdown to win the game.

RB Jamaal Williams, 50 offensive snaps, Rush: 15 - 49 - 1, Rec: 7 - 69 - 1 (7 targets)
By out-snapping Aaron Jones 50-8, Williams has put to rest any thought that Jamaal Williams isn’t the lead back right now. He played well on both running and passing plays, including finding a way to sneak behind the Browns secondary on a 30-yard touchdown reception. On the play, Cleveland pulled up its safeties and nobody accounted for Williams, who was wide open on the 1-yard line and easily scored. He then found the end zone again on a simple run to the edge from the 1-yard line. Overall, Williams has played well and continues to get better each week.

RB Aaron Jones, 8 offensive snaps, Rush: 4 - -2 - 0
Jones saw almost no work, and as he is reportedly healthy, that is a pretty good sign his is just a backup. Add in some poor runs, which gave him a negative total yardage for the day, and it looks like Jones’ moment has past.

RB Aaron Ripkowski, 11 offensive snaps (1 targets)
The fullback was targeted once on the first drive of the game, and then rarely saw the field afterwards.

WR Davante Adams, 64 offensive snaps, Rec: 10 - 84 - 2 (14 targets)
Adams was a targeted just twice in the first half in part because of some good coverage by Cleveland and in part because quarterback Brett Hundley was looking elsewhere. The two just missed connecting on a big play late in the second quarter, but the pass was just off target. During the second half Adams was able to get free much more frequently as the Browns defense imploded. All of his yards came after he start of the half, including both touchdowns. The first touchdown came close to the end of the game and tied it, sending the teams into overtime. On the play, a short 1-yard score, Adams ran a simple out route, and his coverage stayed inside. Hundley did a nice job seeing that and throwing the ball to the outside shoulder where only Adams could make the catch. The second touchdown, taking place in overtime and winning the game, was almost all due to Adams’ ability after the catch. The play was a short screen pass, thrown to Adams who ran behind Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. Both receivers did a great job creating a lane for Adams to create more yards with solid blocking, and then Adams broke into the open field and scored easily, running into the tunnel and disappearing with the ball. Adams continues to be Hundley’s favorite target and as long as Hundley is under center, Adams is going to produce.

WR Randall Cobb, 57 offensive snaps, Rec: 8 - 39 - 0 (8 targets)
Often coming out of the slot, Cobb caught everything thrown his way, though he caught most of his passes in the first half. Cobb wasn’t able to get free for many yards after the catch, and as his receptions were generally on short passes, that meant he didn’t total all that much. He looked good catching the ball, but the areas he caught the ball in were too crowded to add many yards, and the passes too close to—or sometimes behind—the line of scrimmage to put him in a position to improve on that.

WR Geronimo Allison, 19 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 29 - 0 (4 targets)
Allison wasn’t on the field much, but did a good job when he was, consistently catching balls thrown his way and moving the distance marker when he showed up. On three of his catches, Allison was brought down just short of the marker, but the result was a manageable distance for the offense on the next play.

WR Jordy Nelson, 70 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 33 - 0 (5 targets)
Nelson continues to stumble along, catching much of what is thrown his way, though the number of passes and their nature limit his overall production. Nelson once again saw very little work of substance, and is not on Brett Hundley’s radar for anything substantive.

WR Trevor Davis, 3 offensive snaps (1 targets)
Davis was mostly on special teams returning punts and kicks, though he was targeted once on an incomplete pass in the fourth quarter.

TE Lance Kendricks, 49 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 11 - 0 (5 targets)
Kendricks had a hard time hauling in passes throughout the day, both on short and longer passes. He did move the chains on a 3-1, with a 5-yard reception, and came right back afterwards with a nice 6-yard grab as well.

TE Richard Rodgers, 40 offensive snaps (1 targets)
Rodgers was on the field for 53 percent of the offensive snaps, but didn’t do much beyond block and run routes. He did have a nice 19-yard grab which was wiped out by a holding penalty late in the second quarter but was otherwise quiet.

Cleveland Browns

QB DeShone Kizer, 58 offensive snaps, Pass: 20 - 28 - 214 - 3 TD / 2 INT, Rush: 2 - 7 - 0
Kizer turned in his best pro performance as he nearly led the Browns to their first win of the season. Unfortunately, it was Kizer's overtime interception which allowed Green Bay to score the game-winning touchdown. The rookie quarterback came out of the gates hot, connecting with Josh Gordon for a 38-yard reception on the first play of the game. He followed that up with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Gordon to cap off an impressive first drive. He made a great throw to find Gordon on a post route, putting the ball where only Gordon could make the catch for the score. In the second quarter, Kizer led the Browns on their second scoring drive. He connected with Duke Johnson on a seven-yard shovel pass for the touchdown. It was a well-designed play in which Kizer faked a handoff to Isaiah Crowell, who was running right, before flipping the ball to Johnson. He should have had another scoring drive in the second quarter as he had Josh Gordon in the end zone but Gordon was clearly interfered with by the Green Bay defender. No flags were thrown as Gordon was only able to get one hand on the ball. Kizer's first interception came right at the end of the second quarter. He locked in on Corey Coleman which allowed Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to read his eyes and jump the route for the pick. In the third quarter, Kizer found Corey Coleman for a two-yard touchdown. It was a great throw as Coleman was double-covered on his slant route. Things went downhill after the third quarter as Kizer led the Browns on two scoreless drives in the fourth quarter before throwing his second interception in overtime. The overtime interception was inexcusable as Kizer was facing heavy pressure. His arm was hit by Clay Matthews as he threw the ball and it wound up getting picked off. It was a panic play by a rookie quarterback who should have just thrown the ball out of bounds. In all, Kizer's performance was encouraging as this was the most confident and sharp he has looked all season.

RB Isaiah Crowell, 36 offensive snaps, Rush: 19 - 121 - 0, Rec: 3 - 10 - 0 (3 targets)
Crowell picked up his first 100-yard rushing performance of the season and, more importantly, remained a big part of the game plan in the second half. It helped that the Browns had a rare lead for most of the second half of the game. He got off to a slow start, picking up four yards on his first carry and then getting stuffed on the ensuing touch. In the second quarter, Crowell made a short catch in the flat. It appeared he had room to run but he slipped just short of the line of scrimmage, losing one yard on the play. He picked it up in the third quarter, ripping off an 18-yard gain on a play that was perfectly blocked by his offensive line. Crowell's best play of the game came on that same drive, where he picked up 37 yards on a weaving run, all the way down to the Green Bay six yard line. It looked like he had a chance to score at one point but he seemed to run out of gas before slipping at the six yard line.

RB Duke Johnson, 25 offensive snaps, Rush: 6 - 8 - 0, Rec: 4 - 41 - 1 (4 targets)
For the second straight week, Johnson struggled to get anything going on the ground. He was routinely brought down at or around the line of scrimmage on his runs. Fortunately, he was able to do plenty of damage in the passing game. He scored a touchdown on a seven-yard shovel pass from DeShone Kizer in the second quarter. It was a well-designed play as Kizer faked the handoff to Isaiah Crowell before flipping the ball to Johnson, who had little trouble reaching the end zone. Later in the second quarter, Johnson got matched up with a linebacker on a pass route in a mismatch. He made the short catch and easily gained 18 yards. In the third quarter, he came close to picking up a second touchdown. He took a red zone carry at the Green Bay six, picking up four yards. An ankle tackle from behind appeared to have prevented him from reaching the end zone on that play.

WR Corey Coleman, 39 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 62 - 1 (6 targets)
Coleman bounced back from a zero-catch game in Week 13, hauling in a two-yard touchdown and operating well opposite Josh Gordon. In the second quarter, he made a great diving catch on a low ball to pick up 20 yards. He followed that up with an 18-yard catch that brought the Browns down to the Green Bay seven yard line. Coleman was wide open as he found a soft spot in the Green Bay zone. His two-yard touchdown catch came in the third quarter. He was double covered but still managed to make the catch in the end zone before taking a big hit and holding onto the ball.

WR Josh Gordon, 53 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 69 - 1 (6 targets)
Gordon was busy on his team's first drive, catching two of his three passes. He made a 38-yard catch on the first play of the game off of a play action pass. He finished that drive with a fantastic 18-yard touchdown reception on a snatch catch. It was a tough catch that Gordon was able to hold on to. His final catch came on the first drive of the second quarter on a quick slant which he turned into a 13-yard gain. Later in the second he came close to scoring a second touchdown and probably would have had it not been for pass interference by the Packers. Gordon got a hand on a pass in the end zone and was clearly pushed before the ball got there, but no flags were thrown. In the fourth quarter it appeared he could have had another long gain but defender Davon House tripped, which in turn tripped up Gordon. Despite the slow second half, the presence of Gordon has made the Cleveland offense look much more functional than it did while he was suspended.

TE David Njoku, 34 offensive snaps, Rec: 1 - 3 - 0 (2 targets)
Njoku only made one catch for three yards but he did have two other catches wiped off the board in the game. He had a 12-yard catch and run nullified by an offensive holding penalty in the second quarter. In the fourth quarter, he had what was originally called a catch overturned by a Green Bay challenge flag, which showed the ball came loose on his way to the ground.