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Week 13 Game Recap: Jacksonville Jaguars 39, Tennessee Titans 42

What you need to know

Jacksonville Jaguars

This was probably the best offensive performance Ive seen the Jaguars play since Jimmy Smith went for almost 300 yards receiving on the vaunted 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense. The best part about it: they fixed all of the things that have been making them so volatile. They ran the ball consistently from under center, they scored touchdowns in the redzone (even a rushing touchdown), and the passing game showed more precision as opposed to being overly reliant on deep balls and improvisation. Unfortunately, kicking and defense let them down, and a performance that showed a lot of growth was wasted.

Tennessee Titans

Mariota's legs are becoming more of a factor. Cobb and Andrews are rotating series, but Andrews is the goal line back. Dorial Green-Beckham matches one major negative with one major positive. Craig Stevens is a redzone option, even if not a primary one.

Jacksonville Jaguars

QB Blake Bortles, 60 offensive snaps, Pass: 24 - 36 - 322 - 5 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 2 - -1 - 0
This was Bortles best game as a pro to date not only statistically (5 touchdowns), but in his command and patience from the pocket. He made subtle movements to allow plays to develop and was not overly-dependent on improvisation. He was also tremendous in the redzone all five touchdowns came in that area of the field.

RB T.J. Yeldon, 52 offensive snaps, Rush: 15 - 57 - 1, Rec: 4 - 79 - 0 (4 targets)
Scored the first touchdown of the day from the one-yard line on a quick slant. He was mostly quiet after that as the passing offense basically went through Allen Robinson. He should probably be getting Marqise Lees snaps and targets.

RB Denard Robinson, 9 offensive snaps, Rush: 3 - 21 - 0, Rec: 1 - 2 - 0 (1 targets)
Spelled Yeldon for a drive in the fourth quarter and had two very nice runs, one of which went for 13 yards.

WR Allen Robinson, 56 offensive snaps, Rec: 10 - 153 - 3 (15 targets)
Robinson is virtually uncoverable at this point, and has been arguably the most consistent receiver week-to-week in the NFL. All three of his touchdowns came in the redzone this week. The level of physicality in his game has really grown throughout the year. Hes throwing cornerbacks off of him to pick up YAC, and is dominating on contested catches downfield.

WR Rashad Greene, 13 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 15 - 1 (3 targets)
Scored the first touchdown of the day from the one-yard line on a quick slant. He was mostly quiet after that as the passing offense basically went through Allen Robinson. He should probably be getting Marqise Lees snaps and targets.

WR Marqise Lee, 46 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - 4 - 0, Rec: 1 - 17 - 0 (4 targets)
Lee received the start with Allen Hurns out, and was terrible. He got two deep targets on the first two drives. The first was a throw that was perfectly placed, but he could not come down with it in a contested catch situation. The second slightly underthrown and CB recovered to bat it away. He did get behind the corner on both and was open. He simultaneously almost scored and fumbled on his only catch (came in the redzone) but was brought down at the one yard line. He had a terrible drop on a redzone target later in the game.

TE Julius Thomas, 43 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 15 - 1 (5 targets)
Like Lee, Thomas had a poor performance. He had an early drop on an open pass and couldnt bring his first redzone target down in bounds. He was also almost responsible for an interception on a play where he slipped on his break. He did score a touchdown on a play-action pop pass in the fourth quarter (same concept he almost scored on earlier in the game when he went out of bounds).

Tennessee Titans

QB Marcus Mariota, 70 offensive snaps, Pass: 20 - 29 - 268 - 3 TD / 1 INT, Rush: 9 - 112 - 1
The Titans offense made a sluggish start to this game. Mariota didn't complete a pass on a quick three-and-out, before he was almost intercepted on a short out route on their second drive. It was a slow start, but the quarterback sparked a touchdown drive with a very impressive throw to Dorial Green-Beckham on Third-and-11. Mariota's ability to throw the ball back across the field after leaving the pocket has stood out all season, it allowed Green-Beckham to gain 17 yards at the start of that drive but it also allowed Mariota to find Craig Stevens in the endzone for his first touchdown. The quarterback stayed hot on the following drive, moving the offense downfield with smart, accurate throws to short and intermediate routes before hitting Delanie Walker for a touchdown in the endzone on a seam route. Mariota hit another couple of passes on the following drive, but was intercepted by cornerback Davon House. After being fortunate to avoid an interception earlier in the game, Mariota was ironically picked off by House after he threw an accurate pass that bounced off of Dorial Green-Beckham's hands. Mariota played very well in the first half. After the interception setback, he ran a hurry-up offense for another touchdown, this time a one-yard run from Antonio Andrews. Mariota converted multiple third downs and hit Delanie Walker for a big play that set the offense up on the one-yard line. In the third quarter, Mariota connected on a long ball with Dorial Green-Beckham for a huge touchdown reception. In the fourth quarter, Mariota lost a fumble when he took a blindside sack from his right side. His eyes were looking to the other side of the field as Byron Bell let his defender go clean after the quarterback. That allowed the Jaguars to retake the lead on a touchdown, but Mariota responded on the following third down with an 80+ yard run for a touchdown. That play was all about Mariota's speed on a scramble, but it should be noted that the Titans ran Mariota twice in the first half on designed runs and had him keep the ball twice on reads in the second.

RB Antonio Andrews, 38 offensive snaps, Rush: 13 - 58 - 1, Rec: 1 - 10 - 0 (1 targets)
Antonio Andrews will have felt aggrieved at the beginning of this game. The Titans made David Cobb the focal point of the running game early on, so when Andrews got his second carry, it was no surprise that he broke a tackle or two after being sprung into the secondary for a 22-yard gain. Even though Cobb was showing some flashes of his ability, Andrews still stood out more as the game developed. He added another big play on a passing play when he broke a tackle underneath to escape downfield before running in a touchdown from the one-yard line before the end of the half. The young back added another big run to start the third quarter when he found space on a cutback lane before running forward for 15 yards. He almost capped off the day with a second touchdown, but couldn't finish off the final drive despite getting two carries at the goal line.

RB David Cobb, 28 offensive snaps, Rush: 13 - 40 - 0
The Titans gave David Cobb the bulk of the carries early on in the game, but he and Antonio Andrews rotated in and out throughout. Cobb was primarily directed off either tackle in the hope of putting him into space. He was able to do that on a couple of occasions, with one eight-yard run when he was given the edge and accelerated inside past a defender for eight yards standing out in particular. Although Cobb showed flashes, it was clear that he was the inferior back to Andrews who continues to be an impressive all-around player..

WR Dorial Green-Beckham, 41 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 119 - 1 (6 targets)
It's been a rough rookie season for Green-Beckham but this was his best game of the year, even with one huge mistake. The receiver caught Mariota's first completion of the game for 17 yards after the quarterback extended a 3rd-and-11 play into the opposite flat. Green-Beckham added a second reception in the second quarter on a similar play. This time he caught the ball within the timing of the play as it was designed and had to make a low adjustment to secure the ball. It was the following target that sunk him though. Mariota found the receiver on a deep curl route with an accurate pass. An accurate pass that went through Green-Beckham's hands and into those of Jaguars defensive back Davon House for the interception. Because of Justin Hunter's injury, Green-Beckham has to play. The Titans would probably prefer to sit him down, but they don't have another viable option. Therefore, he remained on the field after his drop and Mariota looked to him almost immediately on a deep post route. Green-Beckham caught the ball to convert a third-and-long. Two plays later, Green-Beckham made a similar reception for another first down. With his confidence brimming, Green-Beckham made the most impressive play of his short career so far in the third quarter. He caught a long pass from Mariota on a post route before bouncing off a Jaguars safety and running away from the defense for the touchdown.

WR Kendall Wright, 41 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 28 - 0 (4 targets)
The value of Kendall Wright was felt early on in this game. Wright didn't catch his first target, when Mariota forced a pass into him against tight coverage, but he did catch his next two and both went for first downs on third downs. His first converted a third-and-short with a catch over the middle against zone coverage while the second was a slant route that pushed the offense into the redzone. Wright didn't see the ball again until late in the second quarter, when he caught a first down pass over the middle of the field within two minutes of the half. That reception came at a cost for Wright though, as he stayed down injured after the play. The receiver went back in and stayed in after taking a play off, but wasn't a factor after that point.

WR Harry Douglas, 49 offensive snaps, Rec: 1 - 8 - 0 (3 targets)
Douglas was targeted a few times earl on in this game, but he couldn't get open and Mariota couldn't find him. He eventually caught his only pass on a short curl route late in the second quarter before playing a peripheral role in the second half..

TE Delanie Walker, 51 offensive snaps, Rec: 8 - 92 - 1 (12 targets)
Delanie Walker continues to be the Titans best receiving option and one of their best players. He opened the game with a rare quiet quarter and actually added another quiet quarter in the third, but made up for it during the second and fourth quarters. Walker caught a short curl route for eight yards early in the second quarter before breaking off a big gain on an out route from the slot to set the offense up in the redzone. He then capped the drive off with a touchdown on third down, when Mariota found him down the seam. Walker almost caught his second touchdown of the game before the end of the first half, but his big play was stopped just short of the pylon after he caught two passes in the Titans' successful two-minute drill. When Mariota needed a play late in the fourth quarter on Third-and-11, he looked to his tight end. Walker made a good catch despite an arriving defender over the middle of the field for what proved to be a crucial first down.

TE Craig Stevens, 39 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 11 - 1 (2 targets)
For his career, Craig Stevens has only one season with two touchdown catches. Over the past two weeks, he has multiple touchdown receptions. Stevens still isn't a viable option for fantasy teams because of his overall usage, but the Titans will look to him on the backside of plays like they did for his touchdown reception in the first quarter against the Jaguars. Stevens was wide open as Mariota ran to the far side of the field and threw the ball back to his deep crossing route.