What if Tim Tebow takes the starting job?
By Andrew Garda
August 16th, 2012

Whether it was because Mark Sanchez was hurt or he imploded, this What If isn't terribly farfetched, and many think that it's bound to happen. So if it does, what does it mean and whose value goes up or down.

It's not as bleak as you'd think. If you look at Willis McGahee, his numbers didn't die when Tebow took over the Broncos' offense in Week 7 of 2011. While he had some bad games, he still had four games of over 100 yards. Where it hurt the run game was in the red zone where McGahee saw a dramatic drop in opportunity (caveat: he and Lance ball had not had a red zone chance the two games before Tebow became full time quarterback as well).

Even the passing game wasn't abysmal for fantasy wide receivers Eric Decker had four of his eight touchdowns during Tebow's tenure (though none past Week 13) and Demaryius Thomas had three games over 100 yards, including one for more than 200 during the playoffs which, admittedly doesn't help you).

What it really means, in the end is a mixed bag Tebow can keep the Jets players you have from being complete wastes of roster space. At least some of them.


Stephen Hill, WR He's a raw rookie but he's a guy who is a vertical threat, much like Thomas was for Tebow last year. He's got the speed to bust coverage and the size and leaping ability to go and grab any off-target passes Tebow throws.

Shonn Greene/Bilal Powell, RB As it stands right now, Powell is leapfrogging Joe McKnight for the number two spot, so he's here instead of the former Trojan. Powell is a solid runner who shows good burst and speed and can catch out of the backfield. He'll me a multi-faceted weapon for Tebow in this instance. Greene is a decidedly average back, but will put up numbers in this scenario just based on sheer volume. If I had to choose one, it would be Powell but keep in mind that both will lose red zone carries to Tebow.


Dustin Keller, TE Keller always tantalizes us and then falls short, but he is another potential vertical threat who Tebow might look to. He could see an uptick in his looks, and he is more prone to longer touchdowns than red zone touchdowns anyway.


Santonio Holmes, WR Holmes is a tremendous asset when he gets the ball in his hands and would be a huge help in some shorter passing routes that Tebow sometimes dumps into but he's so erratic of late that it's hard to depend on him. Play up his ability to make those extra yards and downplay the fact that the routes he runs aren't Tebow's strong point and sell, sell, sell.


Mark Sanchez, QB (if not injured) There are two ways Sanchez loses the job here. Injury would remove him from this list, but struggling actually might make him worth acquiring. Let's be honest Sanchez doesn't even have to be bad to lose this job. All it will take is the team struggling. If the team doesn't win with Tebow, there is a good chance Sanchez might make it back in, in which case he would again be worth owning as a backup QB.


Chaz Schilens, WR Schilens is a similar receiver to Hill, but with a little less upside. His role on the team is, at press time, uncertain as Hill gets better, he becomes superfluous. Tebow will be getting second squad reps, which means more likely exposure to Hill then Schilens, leaving the former Raider out in the cold.

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