What if Aaron Rodgers is lost for the season?
By Jeff Pasquino
August 20th, 2012

As we saw in Week 17 last year, the Green Bay offense can still be productive if the right quarterback is inserted into the lineup. Matt Flynn parlayed his start in the final game of 2011 into a new contract in Seattle, thanks to his six touchdown passes. Since Flynn is out of the picture, the next man up is Graham Harrell, an undrafted player who has never taken a snap in the regular season. While that does sound scary, the Packers do believe in the former Texas Tech quarterback who had 134 passing touchdowns (and a collegiate record at the time) under his belt.


Cedric Benson, RB Even if Harrell or McCoy kick start the offense, the passing game is unlikely to be the same. Benson will be the lead back for the Packers and the ground game would be a much bigger part of the offense without Rodgers.

Randall Cobb, WR The Packers would probably like to go to a more conservative offense with more balance between the passing and ground game, but Green Bay is "all in" with their personnel. They lack a true fullback and are not built to run the ball 30+ games a game but they are set up to go 3- and 4-wide more often than not. Cobb is a playmaker and will be on the field often as the third wide receiver. Grab him because one big play a week is significant in this role even with a lesser quarterback.


Greg Jennings, WR and Jordy Nelson, WR The Packers are built for passing first, passing second and maybe some running now and then as their base offense. Nelson and Jennings never come off of the field and they will each likely see 100+ targets even if Rodgers went down in Week 1. Hold these guys as they will still catch most any pass in the large catch zones and post Top 15-20 wide receiver numbers.


Jermichael Finley, TE Green Bay will have to protect a weaker quarterback with minimal experience, so either Finley will have to block more or he will come off the field for a better blocking tight end option. Either way Finley's targets take a significant hit and he is barely a Top 12 tight end.


Graham Harrell, QB This one goes in the "obvious" category, as Harrell would inherit the role of starting quarterback for the Packers. Harrell has been a Packer since 2010, biding his time while learning the offense as a member of the Green Bay practice squad for two seasons.

Colt McCoy, QB What? Trust us here the rumors of McCoy heading out of Cleveland for Green Bay have been circulating all summer long (ever since Brandon Weeden was drafted by the Browns), so if Rodgers goes down this smoke would turn into a roaring fire. The deal would get done and McCoy would start competing with Harrell.

John Kuhn, RB The Packers will be trying to run the ball more, so expect their goal line featured running back to get a chance for a goal line plunge about every other week.


James Jones, WR and Donald Driver, WR The Packers passing game will decline, so with three wide receivers (Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb) all at the top of the food chain, the lesser targets will not see enough action or opportunity to warrant a roster spot with a mediocre at best quarterback under center.

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