Twitter Interview Series
By David Dodds
June 24th, 2012

Twitter has rapidly risen to become an excellent source of breaking news and a collection of wide-ranging viewpoints. At the same time, however, it can a bit intimidating to the new user. It's sometimes difficult to know who to follow for quality fantasy football-related news. To help erase this difficulty, we have interviewed some of our favorite tweeters.

Name: Joe Everett

Twitter handle: @RookieDraft

Approximate number of tweets per month: 525 tweets

Number that are following you: 2,717

Number that you are following: 244

Tweeting since: January 12, 2010

Occupation (when not talking about football): Musician; I play Double Bass with the Indianapolis Symphony and other orchestras in the area. I also scout college prospects for my website

Family life: I do not have children and refuse to assist in overpopulation

Quick Bio (who you are, site(s) you represent, etc.): I am a failed football player that studied classical music at The Curtis Institute of Music. I am also an official unofficial talent scout for all of my fantasy football teams and I host a weekly Fantasy Football Podcast called The Fantasy Exchange. I'm an NFL Draft Analyst for and formerly a featured writer/news blogger at I am also a member of the Football Writers Association of America.

What is something unique about you that few would know about? I gave performances on my bass in 10 different countries before I turned 21.

What you do for fun during the football offseason: I scout all the rookie players and talk directly to NFL Draft prospects for my website. There really is no off-season for what I do.

Favorite NFL Team(s): Denver Broncos

Favorite NFL player(s): Current: Brandon Marshall / All-Time: John Elway

Make your case for why fantasy football addicts should get on Twitter: There is no better source for instant and interactive news anywhere else on the internet. Twitter is your way to continually be piped into the social mainline of news and information.

Except for yourself, give us three to five MUST FOLLOWS on Twitter: @OptimumScouting @JoshNorris @DraftCountdown @ShanePHallam @Draft101 (I have personally met all of these guys and have come away thoroughly impressed by their football knowledge and sharp wit.)

Years playing fantasy football: 15 years.

Favorite style of play (Dynasty, Redraft, Auction, Best Ball, Survivor, etc): Auction - By far the most rewarding fantasy football experience. I prefer live auctions but slow auctions are also a close second.

Your biggest score(s) in fantasy football: The best individual player score was in 2001 when I picked up David Patten out of desperation in my big-play distance-scoring league that rewards double points for WRs that throw TDs and also run them in. Patten became the sixth player in NFL history to run, catch and throw for a TD in the same game against the Colts that season. To this day, no non-QB has scored more points than Patten in my league's history entire 20+ year history.

Name two players that you expect will be undervalued in most fantasy drafts this year. Explain why you think these sleepers could drastically outperform their ADP:

Jake Locker: The Titans offense provides a very nice supporting cast for Jake Locker and even though Kenny Britt's health is a question mark, there's a really nice mix of pass catchers outside of him. The team claims there will be competition at QB but it's a certainty that Locker will be starting sooner rather than later. His ADP is as an undrafted/backup QB at this point in 12-team leagues and it's very possible that he'll perform like a Top-10 QB for a better part of the season.

Greg Little: Little was nothing short of impressive last season when you consider how raw a player he was entering the year and the fact that he didn't even have the chance to play football his senior season due to suspension at UNC. He is the unquestioned primary target in Cleveland and is reportedly having a great off-season. He is going to drastically outperform his current ADP and should produce like a WR #2 in PPR leagues this year.

Name two players that will not be on your roster at any draft position. Explain why you think these busts could drastically underperform their ADP:

Marshawn Lynch: I was a huge supporter of Lynch last off-season and the situation is basically the same with potential improvement at QB but his current ADP is way too high to take the chance. How will Lynch perform now that he has his new contract? Will he be as effective in the redzone? Will he get arrested again? I will let some other fantasy owner worry about those question marks and wait on another RB later in the draft.

Jordy Nelson: I completely respect Nelson's game and the offense that he comes from but I can't see him coming close to his lofty ADP with a healthy Greg Jennings returning and an emerging Randall Cobb who is likely to garner a lot more opportunities with his tremendous after the catch ability. Nelson will still be a productive receiver but he's being drafted as a high #2/low #1 WR and it's doubtful that he will have the stats to match unless Jennings misses another four/five games in 2012.

How much of fantasy football is skill? How much is luck?: I firmly stand by a 60% luck and 40% skill split. Injuries, arrests, and controversy can happen. Simply put, there are things that can happen that are completely beyond your control. Example: Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg and all of the sudden your veteran WR#2 on your dynasty team is no better than a paper weight. Maybe you can successfully evaluate talent/opportunity with the best of them but, there's just nothing you can do about a situation like that.

What's the biggest mistake you see fantasy players make? Player Loyalty: I can't count how many times I consistently see a specific player taken by an owner based simply on the fact that they had some success with that particular player last year or that player is known to be that fantasy owner's favorite player. While I would love to have Brandon Marshall on every single one of my fantasy teams, I do not break my strategy or reach for a player that I love/enjoy watching. (This is also a big reason why I do NOT wear jerseys of active players at a live draft.)

What do you wished you had learned about fantasy football five years ago? In one word, FLEXIBILITY! I fully understand going after a specific player that you feel will be a huge producer but if that player happens to be selected even earlier than expected, that means a better player fell. No matter how good that particular player is, a reach by another owner always results in potential value to slip even further down the draft. There are specific players that I'm targeting in every draft and would like to come away with but having contingency plans at every position is huge. Even 5 years ago, I needed to realize that there's always somebody who knows what I know and winning the game is not about having the best card in the deck but more about having the best hand and playing it well.

Give a wild prediction about the 2012 season that most would be shocked if it happened (out on the limb thought): The Houston Texans will win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Teams and Score: Houston Texans: 38 Green Bay Packers: 35

NFL Rookie of the Year: QB Andrew Luck, Colts

NFL Comeback Player of the Year: RB Chris Johnson, Titans

Parting thoughts about anything at all: Keep up the good work at your website. I enjoy all of the e-mails and I check your news feed every day. It's great to have you in the football community and I just appreciate you being a part of it all. Thanks again.

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