Sinking Ships - Quarterbacks
By Chris Smith
Jul 27th, 2012

Every NFL season, we have players that rise from obscurity to become star players and excellent fantasy football starters. On the flip side, we have players that have been very good fantasy starters in the past who for reasons such as age, fresh young talent, injuries, trouble with the law, etc. slide from being relevant in fantasy circles to afterthoughts and then out of the league. This transition can and often does happy quite quickly and identifying these types of players before the slide happens will help a fantasy team avoid the dead weight that can bring your ship to the bottom of the sea.

The first article will take a look at the quarterback position and players that have the potential to sink into obscurity in 2012.

  1. Matt Hasselbeck, Tennessee Titans: Last year Hasselbeck finished as the 18th best fantasy quarterback and put up 518 passing attempts. He completed 319 of those passes and tossed 18 touchdowns. He was a serviceable backup in fantasy circles last year and has enjoyed a number of top-six seasons throughout his career. Hasselbeck will turn 37 years of age this season, has not enjoyed a 20-touchdown season since 2007 and has failed to score a rushing touchdown in five of the last six years. Those are without question areas of concern but the biggest one for him to overcome this season is the presence of 2nd year talent Jake Locker who has the athleticism and arm strength to be a very good NFL quarterback. Locker is pushing hard to be the opening day starter and if he grabs hold of that job he will not let it go. Stay away from Hasselbeck in 2012 as he will be forgotten by the start of 2013.

  2. Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks: Jackson has had some nice moments in his career but the former 2nd round pick has never put it all together. He has had two top-twenty fantasy seasons but he had a pedestrian season with the Seahawks last year, 3091 yards and just 14 touchdowns. He has been serviceable when called upon but is not a big-time NFL quarterback. The Seahawks won the Matt Flynn sweepstakes this season and he is an upgrade with field smarts and passing ability. He will get the start over Tarvaris Jackson. The Seahawks also drafted Russell Wilson, a leader and a gamer from Wisconsin and he will emerge as the backup before we are too long into the season. Tarvaris Jackson is going to fall from favor in the NFL and wind up a CFL quarterback in the next season or two.

  3. Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins: Grossman may have made this article in 2006 as he proceeded to fall from grace for a numbers of seasons. Then he enjoyed a mini renaissance with the Redskins last year. That was a blip my friends and not a trend and he will fall back into obscurity in 2012. The team drafted Robert Griffin III and he is going to get all the snaps in a learning curve season for the team. Grossman should see little to no action this season and beyond he will be a forgotten man in fantasy circles.

  4. Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins: Henne enjoyed a couple of decent seasons in 2009 and 2010 and it appeared he was a player on the upswing. However when the quarterback starved Dolphins give up on you, it is apparent that you are destined to hold a clipboard at best in the NFL going forward. Henne will likely stick around for years as a QB2 or QB3 and may even enjoy a Rex Grossman-like revival for a year if the cards are dealt properly but the most likely scenario is Henne becomes an afterthought.

  5. Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns: He appeared destined to be the Browns quarterback for years to come after a promising rookie campaign but he went downhill in 2011 and is no longer the browns starting quarterback (that honor will go to rookie Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State). He simply does not have the skill set necessary to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and he will likely float around the league in backup roles for the rest of what may be an abbreviated career.

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