2012 Rookie TEs: Ladarius Green, San Diego Chargers
By Matt Waldman
Posted August 1st, 2012

Strengths: Green is Coby Fleener in training. He has the down-field speed to stretch the seam, and he catches the football with his hands and can make plays with his back to the football. His height gives him a vertical advantage against most cornerbacks, and he flashes some ability to adjust to the football. He's quick and strong enough to be an asset after the catch and to get off the line of scrimmage into routes.

Weaknesses: He comes off the line too high and plays too upright as a blocker and route runner. Green's hip flexibility is a bit stiff, and this also limits his current skill set at the position. If he can develop more fluid athleticism as a blocker, pass catcher in tight coverage, and route runner, he has a chance to develop into one of the better move-tight ends in this draft class and a starting-caliber fantasy player.

2012 Outlook: Little to none, unless injuries strike. This of course, is a true possibility with Antonio Gates' chronic foot issue. However, expect Green's rookie issues to limit the offense in how they use him because he won't be an asset on the line of scrimmage, and it will make personnel formations more predictable.

Dynasty Outlook: This is where Green is a solid mid-to-late pick, because he'll have a chance to address his athletic and positional deficiencies while learning the game from observing two quality veterans in Gates and McMichael. Green is a good value in rookie drafts for a team with a deep enough roster to pick and wait a few years.

NFL Comparison: The Coby Fleener comparison has some truth, but Ed Dickson is probably more realistic at this point. Dickson has nice athleticism, but he too, is a little stiff and not the elite athlete that we see at the position right now.

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